Leather bubbles can ruin the quality of the leather and its durability. Leather bubbles or air pockets are of the same type. They usually form beneath the top surface of leather. Leather bubbles are often known as “Crinkled” or “Wrinkled” leather. This type of leather can be achieved by the application of pressure to the […]

Sergers or overlocking sewing machines are one of those that people often don’t really touch. It is able to create very professional-looking stitches for your fabrics and does it all! It trims, stitches, and secures the ends of the fabric all at once. But the real problem that many sewers find with sergers is the […]

Has it ever happened to you that you are working on a sewing project and you came across an instruction to cut your fabric from the selvage? well, usually, no one gets it much since terms are often overlooked and skills take over. Yet, you’d be left wondering, what is actually selvage, its function, and […]