Can tailors make pants waist bigger

Can Tailors Make Pants Waist Bigger?

If you have a pair of pants or a dress that is a little too tight around the waist, you might want the help of a tailor. A tailor can make your waist bigger. A tailor will add extra fabric to the waistband or seams to your clothing to make it bigger. This will give you a comfortable and flattering fit. Although, a tailor has his limits too. He can add an inch or two of extra fabric, so, if you need to go up more than one or two sizes, it will not be possible to achieve the fit you are looking for.

When you make the right adjustments, you can achieve a more comfortable and flattering fit that will make you feel confident. The cost will depend on the complexity of the design and the experience of the tailor. You can do some research before finding a professional tailor who will provide you with some high-quality work. In this article, we have discussed different methods of making a waist bigger by a tailor, the cost that is associated with the methods, factors that influence waistline alterations, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • We have discussed in this article that a tailor can make pants bigger by using many different methods.
  • We have also discussed in detail the cost that is associated with these methods.
  • We have also gone through some other factors which will influence these alterations.

How to Make Your Pants Bigger At The Waist?

A skilled tailor can make your pants waist bigger. Many pants are designed for flexibility, they have some material hidden in the seams. The extra fabric will let a tailor know about the waistline that is needed to be out. A good tailor can manage to add 1 -2 inches to the waistline in this way. If there is no excess fabric or the allowance is not sufficient, an experienced tailor will be able to find a way.

Many factors should be considered for this. To make your pants bigger, you can follow many techniques, but it all relies on the type of pants, where the pants are, and the area that must be altered. A tailor, or yourself can enlarge your pants by sewing or without sewing. Below we have given some methods to make your pants bigger:

1. Add extensions to your waistline

Add extensions to your waistline
Add extensions to your waistline
  1. For this method, a tailor will require a measuring tape, elastic band, scissors, a marking pen or chalk, and a sewing machine.
  2. The tailor will then locate the part of your pants’ waistband where the additional fabric will be added. This will ensure that your waistband has been expanded effectively. When you are adding fabric to the pant, try to add similar fabric to the pant.
  3. As the additional size is determined, the tailor will cut these extra fabrics into two parts. Each of the parts will be added to the two sides of the waistband of your pants.
  4. The tailor can get some elastic tape.
  5. The tailor will then identify and mark the part of the waistband for the additional fabric.
  6. The tailor will make a V-shaped cut. The cuts start at the top of the waistband and end at the seam.
  7. Take an elastic band and place it on one part of the waistband.
  8. To seal the v-cut, the tailor will sew the elastic band.
  9. You can now try your pants on. Your pants will fit better than before. It will also give you some space to stretch and tuck in your shirt.

2. Expand seam allowance

Expand seam allowance
Expand seam allowance
  1. For this method, you need a sewn ripper, measuring tape, and a sewing machine. Measure your waist size to determine the length you need to increase your waist.
  2. Place your trousers on a working surface. You can only take out 2-3 inches of your pants. This is because of the seam allowance. Inside the trousers, reach for the center back seam. The extra fabric for the allowance to expand the waist of the trouser is easily visible.
  3. With a seam ripper, rip out stitches that will hold the extra fabric onto the waistband. This will expand the trouser.
  4. With the measuring tape, measure the length of the extra fabric. If it is enough for the additional length, you can wear your trousers as they are. If you need less, you can measure the length of the fabric and mark the length of the additional waist size.
  5. The tailor will stitch the rest of the seam allowance in place.
  6. Try your trousers to confirm that your waist size has increased. This will make your trousers a better fit.

3. Expand jeans

Expand jeans
Expand jeans

When you are tailoring your jeans, they will fit better and look more proportional in size. Jeans pants are easier to expand than dress pants. You can expand the waist size of your jeans without any sewing. Below we have given some tips for this process:

  1. You can use a waist expander. Take off your jeans and place them on a flat surface. Insert the waist expander at the waist level. Leave the waist expander in your jeans overnight.
  2. The waist expander pushes your jeans until they are bigger.
  3. You can use a button waist extender. This is an external additional buttonhole. It is an elastic band with a buttonhole and a button. Insert your jeans button into the extender’s buttonhole.
  4. Insert the button on the extender buttonhole. It will give allowance at the waist so that your tight jeans fit perfectly.
  5. Spray some water on your jeans’ waist and then wear. Your jeans will dry on the waist and adapt to the size of your waist.

The Cost of Waist Alteration

The cost of waist alteration
The cost of waist alteration

Before giving your pants to the tailor, try to consider the cost. Because you have to pay for the service that you are going to offer. It depends on the type of alteration you need and the type of pants that is to be altered, professional tailors will charge you between $10 and $150. If your alteration is simple, you will pay less and if your alteration is complicated, you will pay more. The cost of alteration is affected by the type of fabric your garment is made of. Some fabrics are difficult to work for so you will be charged more. The styling of your garment may also complicate or ease the tailor’s work. Expensive suit pants have an extra allowance on the seams which will allow the tailor to take out or take in the waist easily. Cheaper pants or suits may not have this allowance. It will make the tailor use a longer or more difficult process to take in or take out the waist of your pants. So, it will charge you more.

5 Factors That Influence Waistline Alterations

Multiple factors will determine the extent of alterations and the success of the operation.

  1. Material of the pants: the type of fabric plays a crucial role. Some materials, such as cotton, linen, and wool, are generally easier to alter. On the other hand, fabrics like leather, denim, or synthetic materials are challenging to work with due to rigidity or their handling.
  2. Seam allowance: Seam allowance are extra fabric in the garment, which is kept for future alterations. This excess fabric will provide you with some extra length. The seam allowance will vary by garment: designer or high-quality pants will include more seam allowance than cheaper garments.
  3. Pants structure and design: If your pants have a design, it will affect in making the waistline bigger. For example, pants with pleats, a higher waistline, or a looser fit will provide more opportunities for successful alteration than low-rise or tightly fitted designs.
  4. Current size and increase: It is necessary to know how much bigger you want to make your waistline. It is easier to increase the waistline by one or two inches than to make a drastic change.
  5. Having a belt or waistband: If the pants have a belt and waistband, they need to be altered or replaced, which will complicate the process and add to the cost. When you understand these factors, these will help to clarify the challenges and possibilities. It will also help you to choose your tailor effectively.


Can tailors make pant waist larger?

Your waist can be too small or too big. If you are suffocating inside your pants because they are too tight or the waist is too big and the pants are falling off of you because a tailor can take the waist in or out and give your trousers a more comfortable fit.

Can a tailor alter Jean’s waist?

A good tailor will be able to alter the waistband of your jeans, so that, you can wear them properly without changing the shape of the jeans.

How many inches can a tailor add to pants?

The waist of a pair of trousers can be let in or taken out 2-3’’, look inside the pant for extra fabric at the waistband.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have gone through the details of making a pant bigger. We have explained a variety of methods for this purpose so that your pants fit perfectly. To conclude, we can say that a tailor can make a waist bigger, although it will depend on several factors. A skilled tailor will add extra fabric to the waistband or let out the existing seam to increase the waist size. Although, the amount of extra fabric available and the tailor’s skill level will determine how much the waist can be made bigger.


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