Do you frame cross stitch under glass

Do You Frame Cross Stitch Under Glass – Easiest Pro Guide

Cross stitch is a form of sewing which combined X- shape stitches done on the fabric. It is now widely used globally. It is a very relaxing sewing method which is a kind of yoga or meditation. It will relax your mind and divert your mind to it completely. And It is a top hobby to learn where you can pass your boring time by doing cross stitch. Basically, it is used for the decoration of household items like tablecloths, dishcloths, and wall matt. To frame a cross stitch there are many ways. Many people use thin cardboard to frame cross stitches. But you can frame cross-stitch with glass. Which will give protection to your stitch and will last longer as well. I am not going to say that using glass to frame is the only way, but it will provide you with some advantages.

When I should use glass to frame cross stitch? Suppose, today you made a cross stitch to gift someone special or you want to keep it for a long time then you can use glass to frame your cross stitch. The main advantage of using glass to frame cross stitch is, it makes your cross stitch looks so attractive and eye-pleasing. Have you ever gone to a museum? If you have gone to a museum before, there you must have noticed that all the frames are with glasses. They are using UV-resistant glass to frame cross stitches. The reason is to protect them from any damage. So, you can frame your cross stitch under glass for any special occasion or if you want to keep your stitch for a long time. Now I will talk about the benefits of using glass while framing cross stitch, which occasions you can use glass to frame cross stitch!

Key Takeaways

  • There are many benefits to framing your cross stitch under glass, which provides it with protection and makes it long-lasting.
  • There are 4 types of glass that you can use to frame your cross stitch, where some are for general protection while more premium glass provides extra protection.
  • Learn when to use and when not to frame your cross stitch under glass for the best effect and display of your cross stitch.
  • Other than framing under glass, there are other ways that you can protect your cross stitch that you should be aware of.

Benefits of Framing Cross Stitch Under Glass

Benefits of framing cross stitch under glass
Benefits of framing cross stitch under glass

The benefits of framing cross stitch under glass are incredible. You can display your cross stitch in many ways when you frame it under glass. I am writing some of them below:

  1. Prevent Accidental Damage: Cross stitching is a very sensitive type of art. It is very normal that your cross stitch can be fallen down accidentally at your home. Then your cross stitch could be scratched or could be ruined permanently. To be safe from this problem, you can use glass to frame the cross stitch.
  2. Keep away from the human touch: Anyone can be interested after watching your cross stitch. They might try to touch it. Oils from hand and dirty finger’s touch can make your cross stitch valueless. So if you use glass to frame cross stitch will keep away this trouble.
  3. Bring professionalism to cross stitch: Cross stitch is a sensitive thing. It could be scratched so easily after getting touched by anyone. If you want to sell your cross stitch or display it in any exhibition good framing can make it more attractive and professional. So, to make it more precious you can frame the cross stitch behind glass. So that, your customer or exhibitor like it. Even, you can protect your art by framing it behind glasses.
  4. Protect from insects: If you are framing cross stitch with wood, cart board, or silk there are a lot of chances to get attacked by insects. If your cross stitch is framed off by glasses, then there is no chance for insects to make harm your art.
  5. Easy to Display: Cross stitch framed with glasses make it more eye-pleasing and easy to display as well. You can display it anywhere because glasses are stronger than other particles used for framing a cross-stitch pattern. You can keep it on your wall. The glass will protect your cross stitch from any trouble. Besides, you can hold that in your bookshelf framing with glass. It will last longer and your art is not going to damage anyway. If you gift your cross-stitch to anyone else, you can give it to him with glass framing. So that he can keep it for a long time and your memory as well.
  6. Protect from dust and dirt: If you think that your cross stitch is having a lot of dust then you can easily cover it up. It’s very usual that anything in our home is always having dust with air. When you frame your cross stitch with glass, your art will be fully protected from dust. Then your cross stitch not going to be affected by dust. This is the best option to protect your cross stitch.
  7. Get rid of UV damage: UV light causes damage to your cross stitch. UV light can discolor your cross stitch. If your cross stitch gets discolored, your art and afford are valueless. Besides, UV light causes your cross stitch to look aged. To prevent those damages, you have to frame your cross stitch under glass as if your art is able to protect itself, and using glass to frame it is the best option.
  8. Simple to clean: When your art is dirty you can easily clean it by vacuuming. There’s no need to use anything extra or no need for extra afford.
  9. Effortless to transport: If you frame your cross stitch under glass, you can send it so easily over any transport. There is no way to break it and your art will be the same as it was. Especially, when you are thinking of giving a gift to someone, you can use glass to frame your cross stitch. So that your art is going to be perfect.

So, from this discussion, you got to know how we benefited by framing a cross stitch under glass. If there is any necessity to protect your cross stitch then, don’t think so much about that. Just use glass to frame the stitch. It will protect your cross stitch from all trouble. But normally people use wood, silk, or cotton to frame their art which is not safe. You can use glass to frame your cross stitch on special occasions to protect your art.

4 Types of Glass to Frame Cross Stitch

4 Types of glass to frame cross stitch
4 Types of glass to frame cross stitch

Suppose, you have decided to use glass to frame your cross stitch. Now you are confused that which kind of glass you should use. Don’t worry, I am going to tell you which glass you should use on which occasion. I will mention about 4 types of glasses. Such as:

  1. Standard Art Glass: You can use this glass in your house. It keeps you protected from insects and dust. It is not higher in price. It is the cheaper one of these 4 glasses that I am going to tell about. It is easy to afford and simply you can protect your cross stitch from all insects and dust too.
  2. Non-Reflecting glass: It has the ability to decrease the reflection of light as if you can see your cross stitch properly from any angle of your house. The main advantage of the non-reflecting glass is that, it will look perfect from any side and the price of this glass is a little higher than standard art Glass.
  3. UV-resistant glass: UV-resistant glass is so important to keep safe your cross stitch. This is not only protecting you from the UV light bus but also will give your art a premium look.
  4. Museum Glass: If you want to take all advantage of 1 glass then you have to use museum glass. I have already mentioned that each glass has a specialization. 1 glass cannot carry both the quality alone. But there is something special that can provide you with all advantages in one glass. And this is museum glass. It can protect your cross stitch from UV light and seal it so no dust is able to enter. So this is a type of glass that will give you a premium feel and it is highly recommended to use to frame your cross stitch.

Tips For Framing Cross Stitch Under The Glass

I am not telling that every time you should use Glass to frame your cross stitch. Not on every occasion do you need to use glasses. Sometimes, you can use wood, silk, or cotton whatever you want. It depends on some fact actually. This is what I am discussing now.

When to use

  • When you want to protect your cross stitch or you are thinking of gifting someone, you should use glass this time to frame your cross stitch.
  • When you want to sell your art or your show your cross stitch to any exhibition then you must have to frame cross stitch under glasses. It will give your art a premium look as if the exhibitor or customer got attracted to your cross stitch.
  • You are living somewhere; the sun is right up to your head. Sun provides UV light to nature which may cause your cross stitch if you are not using glasses while framing.

When not to use

  1. When you are making a cross stitch for your house or you are making it to pass your time you don’t really need to frame it under glass
  2. Cross stitch is very popular among girls. They have taken it as their hobby and they can make 2 or 3 cross stitches a week. So, It’s not important to use glass on this occasion. Because this cross stitch is not going to be sold anywhere.
  3. You are not a big fan of glass. So, whoever doesn’t like glasses there is not that necessity to use Glass to frame the cross stitch.
  4. Your house is full of protection. There is no dust, and no sunlight so you should not use glass to frame your cross stitch.

So, when you will face this situation you can decide then what shall you do. Now I am going to discuss how can you protect your cross stitch.

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How to Protect Cross Stitch?

How to protect cross stitch
How to protect cross stitch

Cross stitch is a kind of sewing that is now equally popular all over the world. A lot of people like to make cross stitch but they don’t really know how to protect it from all trouble. I have already mentioned when you should use glass to frame and when you shouldn’t. After all that, maybe you are thinking about that, how I can usually protect my cross stitch? Well, nothing to worried about I am here to tell you the solution.

  • Keep cross stitch from the sun as if UV light couldn’t impact your art. UV light is good enough to ruin and discolored the cross stitch
  • Keep away the cross stitch from dust or any messy place around your home. Dust is also responsible to make your art valueless.
  • Don’t use any clothes you got near your hand. It can cause your cross stitch ruined. Use a soft microfiber cloth to wash it regularly. If you are washing with any type of clothes, it’s become so harmful for cross stitch. I have already told you that it’s a very sensitive art that can be destroyed in a minute. So be careful while washing.
  • Regular check your art that is it on the same status or not. It’s very important to keep secure the frame structure. If you face any trouble take your frame to a frame shop for repair.


What is the best way to frame cross stitch?

The best way to frame cross stitch is by using a suitable frame or hoop, ensuring the fabric is taut and centered.

Should you frame needlework behind glass?

Framing needlework behind glass is generally recommended to provide protection from dust, dirt, and potential damage. Glass helps preserve the fabric and threads, preventing fading, staining, and other factors.

Is glass or plastic better for framing?

There are various options to try for this purpose but according to the experts: Acrylic, or plexiglass: there are better than glass.

Final Thoughts

Cross stitch is a kind of art that takes people’s effort, time, and patience. Many of them are doing this as their hobby or just to get a bit relaxed. But many people suffer from confusion about whether should they use glass to frame cross stitch or not! I have already told you about; glass is the best option for framing cross stitches. Glass is protective. Glass keeps away your art from any sort of trouble including, UV light and insects, making your transport easy, easy to clean, and so on. I am not telling that you have to use glass while framing on every occasion. It depends on how you going to use this cross stitch actually. When you see that there is no reason to use glass to frame cross stitch then don’t use glass for framing. But there is some occasion when there will be no other way without using glass for framing your cross stitch. In conclusion, I strongly recommended to you all that glass has no disadvantage in framing cross stitches. So use it without any hesitation when you want to sell your art, exhibition, or gifting someone.

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