How Long does it take to crochet a blanket

How Long Does It Take to Crochet a Blanket – Revealed Truth

Crocheting is a tantalizing form of crafting. It is tempting to create something new every day. Most people use crochet to make blankets. Crochet has various patterns. You can use any of them which one seems to be easy for you. But what most people do is use crochet to make blankets! They make for a nice and comfortable blanket, not to mention that they are warm and cozy. But since most people think that crochets are difficult and time-consuming, many people ask how long does it take to crochet a blanket?

Actually, it depends on you, it depends on how professional you are and which pattern you are using to crochet. Crochet a blanket is not as hard as you are thinking. A proper guideline or proper utilization can make your creation so sublime and also make you wonder why people think it is hard to do! These crochet blankets are mainly for the winter because of how warm they are but they are excellent gifts as well. So let’s learn everything to know about crochet blankets and find out the time it takes to finish one using the right method!

Key Takeaways

  • Yarn and hook selection can help you to finish your crochet even faster.
  • You have to choose the easiest stitch pattern to crochet a blanket.
  • Be dedicated, focused, pre-planned the design, and count your stitches help you to finish very early.

Factors Affecting How Long It Takes to Make Crochet Blankets

There are some serious issues while you are crocheting. You can’t be careless about those issues. One little step can make you late. You are crocheting a blanket for a long time but it’s a project of maximum 24 hours. So get ready to learn some factors that affect your crochet.

Yarn selection

Yarn selection
Yarn selection

Yarn selection is one of the vital parts of crocheting. Without perfect yarn, you can’t crochet properly. So, it’s must necessary to ensure a high-quality yarn before crocheting. Some good quality yarn is available in shops in the medium price range. So, there are 2 features of good quality yarn. Such as Dk (Double knitting) yarn, and Thicker in size. So, you should use DK yarn. The meaning of DK is double knitting. The specialty of this yarn is, it is thicker than other yarn comparatively. Thicker yarn is very useful for crochet. It helps you to crochet fast and you can make long stitches with it. Its versatility really turns me on to use it. You can use DK yarn in some little projects as well. The yarn is very easy to use. Such a perfect option for beginners. So, be careful with low-quality yarn. It may cause your crocheting and also causes a delay in your projects.

Size of the hook

Size of the hook
Size of the hook

Choose a large hook to bring perfection into your crochet. Crochet a blanket is not an easy task. So you have to be so conscious about the size of the hook. You have to choose a larger hook. The large hook can help you to make more stitches in your blanket. More stitch helps you to cover your stitch with fewer yarn next time. It will save you time as well. So that you can finish your project as early as possible. Even large hooks determine the gauge of your crochet. A small hook provides you with tight crochet. So be conscious about selecting a hook. It will make your crochet loosest and kill your valuable time.

Blanket size

Blanket size
Blanket size

Blanket size is a real fact that how much time it will take to crochet. If you are crocheting a large-size blanket, it will take more time than a small blanket or queen-size blanket. But, there are some ways to reduce the time of crocheting. You can choose a high-quality yarn and a large hook. So that you can finish your project as early as possible.

Crochet pattern

Crochet pattern
Crochet pattern

If you crochet with a diplomatic pattern, it will take more time easily. If you are professional, you can use any stitch or pattern. But if you are not professional then you can choose an easy pattern to crochet properly and very early as well. Crochet contains two easy patterns. One is single crochet and the other is double crochet. The pattern is very easy and very easy to do crocheting anything. Therefore, patterns can affect your time to finish crochet. There is no alternate way to finish your crochet early except by choosing an easy pattern or stitch.

Skill level

Skill level
Skill level

Skill is must necessary to crochet. Some skills like crocheting speed, the right selection of yarn and hook, and consistency. You have selected a good yarn and a large hook but you are not that fluent in crocheting. So, speed is much necessary to finish your crocheting earlier. You need to do your project with full of consistency and dedication. Without focusing you can’t crochet properly.

These are the fact that cause your time while crocheting. Everybody wants to finish early. To finish early you have to follow what I have discussed already in this section. I hope that you will find the exact reason why crocheting a blanket takes more time.

Average Time Needed to Crochet a Blanket

5 kinds of blankets are made of crochet. Each of them takes several times to finish off. I am going to discuss this now.

  1. Baby blanket: The baby blanket is very easy to crochet and takes 7-14 days to finish. You can finish it early if you use suitable yarn and hook.
  2. Small Blanket: It will take 7-14 days as well.
  3. Queen-size blanket: Queen-size blankets will take around a month to finish off. If you crochet with a chunky yarn it causes less time than 1 month.
  4. Throw blanket: It will take around 14-28 days. It depends on your activity.
  5. King-size blanket: It will take around 30-45 days. If you crochet with thick yarn and a larger hook and used the double crochet, then you can finish it in around 30 days.

Now don’t be alarmed because they take multiple weeks to almost a month! These are the average time that you will need to spend to carefully create a crochet blanket. Oftentimes, you can finish them earlier as well! So take these times as a baseline and not a definite answer to the question!

Easy Stitch Patterns To Crochet A Blanket Early

I think you already know that you need to choose your stitch pattern wisely. Without an easy pattern, you cannot finish your crocheting early. A lot of stitches are used to crochet a blanket. There are 5 stitch patterns that make your crocheting so fast. Well, let’s jump to the point no.

I am mentioning some easy stitch patterns to finish your crocheting really quickly in below:

Easy stitch patterns to crochet a blanket early
Easy stitch patterns to crochet a blanket early
  1. Single Crochet: Single crochet is one of the basic stitches of crocheting. Crochet a blanket is so easy with single crochet. It includes working in a single stitch into each stitch of the previous row. It creates a heavy and tight fabric which is much better for the blanket.
  2. Half-double crochet: Half-double crochet is basically the halfway point between single crochet and double crochet. It is a bit taller stitch than single crochet. But the work process is relatively simple like single crochet. You need to yarn over, inserting the hook into the stitch. Then pull up a loop and pull through all 3 loops on the hook. This is how it works. Really this is easy to work on and you can finish crochet as early as you want.
  3. Double crochet: Double crochet provides tall stitch than single crochet and half-double crochet. Due to the long stitch, you can crochet really quickly and the yarn has the biggest role to finish crocheting earlier. The working process is almost the same as well like half-double crochet. First, you need to yarn over, insert the hook into the stitch and then pull up a loop. Pull through 2 loops into the hook. Again yarn over and pull the two remaining 2 loops into the stitch. So the working process is not hard. Double crochet is so well fit for crocheting a blanket. Professionals and beginners both can use it. It takes less time than any other crochet.
  4. Granny Square: This is a classic stitch pattern. It creates a square shape with a textured and lacy look. Granny square pattern involves working with multiple rounds of double crochet stitches. It helps to create a textured and lacy look on your blanket. So you can use it if you are a beginner. The working method is very easy and suitable for all sizes of blankets.
  5. Moss stitch: It is also an easy stitch to crochet a blanket. It involves alternative single crochet and chain stitches to create a little square. It is easy to crochet on and not a time killer. It saves your time and you can make a blanket using this stitch pattern really quick.

7 Tips to Crochet a Blanket Perfectly and Quickly

This time I will tell you about some vital tips which help you to learn to crochet perfectly. Not only stitch patterns are important but also dedication, focus, environment, and goals all are important equally. So, without any explanation let’s learn some together.

  1. Set a goal for each session: Before crocheting, you had better set a time of work. Suppose, you are crocheting a blanket. Then you can take 1 hour for each session. After every hour you can see your progress. That will help you to finish crocheting even faster.
  2. Distraction-free environment: The environment is a big factor in whatever you are doing. It could be studying, sewing, or crocheting. You have to ensure that the environment is quite calm and peaceful. Turn off the Tv, stay away from mobile phones, and be focused. It will definitely help you to crochet faster.
  3. Be dedicated and focused: Crocheting a blanket needs many hours to finish. It’s not a project of 1 or 2 hours. Crocheting a blanket might take 20 hours minimum. So when you are crocheting you have to be attentive and focused on your job. Crocheting is a lengthy process. And crochet a blanket is even more lengthy. So you have to be mentally prepared to do that and be dedicated to getting the best output. Therefore, there is no other way except be dedicated and focused.
  4. Pre-planning design: Before starting crochet, you had better try to keep the blanket’s design in your head. Pre-planned design helps you to create the best crochet. If you don’t know what are you going to do, then It’s a bit frustrating and confusing as well. And this time you will think about the design. So, choosing the design may cause time waste while crocheting. Set the design before crocheting. It will help you to crochet in a better way and save you time as well. As if you can crochet faster.
  5. Count your stitches: Counting stitches is a top idea after the end of a row, especially for beginners. This will help you from avoiding any mistakes and give you the surety that your blanket is in a consistent size. So keep count of your stitches which will help you to develop your work ethic and performance as well.
  6. Keep track of projects: This is a good habit to keep track of your projects. It will help you to do better session by session. Let you set a session of 1 hour. After 1 hour if you notice the blanket size you can get an idea about your progression. Then you definitely perform better in the next session. So keeping a progression record is a good practice that helps to finish crocheting even faster.
  7. Be comfortable and take breaks: As I said before that you should work session by session. Crocheting is a long-hour project. So sit in a comfortable position to do your best. You need to stretch your hand and for relaxation of your mind. That’s why taking rest is so vital to crocheting as early as possible. In conclusion, you have to be comfortable where you sit and take breaks whenever you want to release pressure from your head.

With these helpful tips, you can make your crochet blankets or any type of crochet sewing project much better!


Can you crochet a blanket in one day?

It depends on you and the blanket size actually. A professional crocheted can crochet a blanket in one day. Though It is a bit difficult for an experienced person as well. You have to be dedicated, focused, and determined.

How many months to learn crochet?

Crochet doesn’t take much time to learn basic crochet stitches. It normally takes one or two days to understand the basic functions and patterns. But advanced crochet techniques could take longer to learn. Maybe a week or month.

Which skills are necessary to crochet?

There are multiple skills involved with crochet. You should learn the yarn and hook selection method. Then stitch pattern, minimal shaping, simple color changing, and so on. But you have to have those skills to start crocheting.

Final Thought

Crochet a blanket is very easy if you keep basic knowledge about the stitch patterns, yarn, and hook selection as well. Crocheting a blanket takes almost 20-24 hours to complete. But most people take a week or month to finish it. I show you the way to finish it as early as possible. You just need to follow my tips and all those steps. Never be impatient. Keep focused and crochet with dedication and attention.

Use the easiest stitch pattern as if you can understand the terms of crocheting and can finish it in time. If you are a beginner, I will say that gain knowledge about the yarn and hook. Because the selection is most necessary. I am sure that You will take more time to finish. But practice can make you a professional at crocheting. So, nothing to worry about. Just start with a small blanket then according to your ability jump through the big blanket.


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