How to make a spaghetti strap dress modest

How To Make A Spaghetti Strap Dress Modest – Ultimate Tips

If your spaghetti dress makes you feel uncomfortable and you want to alter it with modesty, then it is completely fine to do so. To do this task it doesn’t require a lot of mastery over the craft but rather a well-explained tutorial packed with essential information.

So, how to make a spaghetti strap dress modest? It is easier than you thought since it doesn’t compromise the look of the overall dress but rather enhances the aura of it while keeping everything on point and classy. In this article, we’ve covered and discussed the steps and other related information in this article that would assist in achieving an optimal result.

Key Takeaways

  • You can follow the simple 4 steps formula for almost any kind of strap dress like spaghetti to make it modest.
  • Note down the additional tips if you want to try something further along with it.
  • You can wear something comfortable under the spaghetti dress as long as you are comfortable with it.

4 Steps to Make a Spaghetti Strap Dress Modest

Steps to make a spaghetti strap dress modest
Steps to make a spaghetti strap dress modest

Since the spaghetti-strap dress is quite expressive in its appearance here are some steps to follow to make them modest:

  1. When selecting a spaghetti strap dress, avoid dresses that are too short or revealing. Opt for a dress that falls at or below the knee, or consider a maxi dress if you are taller. It’s important to find a length that is comfortable and appropriate, ensuring you feel confident without overexposing yourself. As a general guideline, choose a dress that falls at least halfway down your thigh.
  2. To add more coverage to your spaghetti strap dress, you have several options. You can wear a tube or bandeau top underneath the dress to provide extra coverage and support. Alternatively, layer the dress with a cardigan, jacket, shrug, or tank top/camisole. These options can help create a more modest look without adding too much bulkiness. Another choice is wearing a scarf and draping it around your shoulders for added modesty.
  3. When wearing a spaghetti-strap dress, it’s crucial to wear appropriate undergarments. Avoid bras with wide straps than the dress straps, as they may peek out. A strapless bra is the best option to provide support without interfering with the dress’s appearance. If you don’t have a strapless bra, you can try tucking the bra straps in, although this may not be the most comfortable choice. Additionally, ensure that your underwear doesn’t show through the dress. Thong underwear or boy shorts are both suitable options for minimizing visibility.
  4. Accessorizing your spaghetti strap dress can elevate your overall look. Consider adding accessories such as earrings, sunglasses, and a purse to complement your dress. A pair of elegant earrings can add glamor and sophistication, while sunglasses can contribute to a more laid-back vibe. Choose a purse that perfectly complements your ensemble.

5 Additional Tips for Making Spaghetti Dress Modest

If you are looking for some other options to explore for further enhancement of your aesthetics, then, here are a few effective ones:

  • Wear a tank top under your spaghetti straps, it will provide additional coverage and prevent the straps from slipping down.
  • Choose a thicker fabric for your spaghetti straps.
  • A heavier fabric will drape more modestly and stay in place better than a thin, slippery fabric.
  • Look for spaghetti straps with built-in support. Some brands offer extra support in the form of an inner layer or boning in the straps. It helps to keep them securely in place while you move around.
  • Pair your spaghetti straps with a cardigan or blazer. It adds a layer that can help to create a more modest look while still allowing you to show off your shoulders.

What to Wear under Spaghetti Strap Dress?

What to wear under spaghetti strap dress
What to wear under spaghetti strap dress

There are a few options when it comes to what to wear under thin-strap dresses. One option is to wear a strapless bra. Another option is to wear a tank top or camisole under the dress. Yet another option is to wear a slip under the dress.

If you’re wearing an AA-C cup, you can layer a lightweight strapless bra over your spaghetti strap or racerback tank top. If you prefer to keep your underwear hidden, stick-on bra petals are an excellent alternative. Slip dresses are the ideal dress for those who do not want to show too much skin under their sheer dresses. If you wear a plain singlet underneath a sheer blouse, you will have plenty of room. There is no strap or band around the bra’s back. Backless dresses and shirts can be worn with these bras. If you have an AA-C cup, you should try a lightweight strapless bra beneath your spaghetti-strap tank top.

Spaghetti Dress Straps Can Be Altered

Spaghetti dress straps can be altered
Spaghetti dress straps can be altered

Spaghetti straps are delicate, thin shoulder straps commonly found on dresses, camisoles, and tops. They add a touch of femininity and elegance to an outfit. However, when it comes to the perfect fit, you might wonder if spaghetti straps can be altered. The good news is that, in most cases, they can indeed be adjusted to suit your preferences and body shape. Altering spaghetti straps usually involves a straightforward process.

If you find the straps too loose or long, a tailor can easily shorten them by sewing a few inches closer to the garment. This alteration can be done without affecting the overall design or structure of the garment. Similarly, if the straps are too tight or uncomfortable, they can be let out to provide a more comfortable fit. It’s important to note that some spaghetti straps are not adjustable by design. So, altering them might be more challenging, as it may require significant modifications to the garment’s construction.


How do you change a spaghetti-strap dress?

To change a spaghetti strap dress, adjust the straps to your desired length or style by loosening or tightening them or tying them in different ways.

Are spaghetti straps appropriate?

Spaghetti straps can be appropriate for various occasions, including casual outings, summer events, and beachwear, depending on the dress style and dress code.

Do you wear a bra with a spaghetti-strap dress?

Whether to wear a bra with a spaghetti strap dress is a personal preference. Consider a strapless bra or adhesive cups for minimal strap visibility if desired.

Do spaghetti straps make shoulders look bigger?

Spaghetti straps generally do not make shoulders look bigger; they tend to create a more delicate and feminine appearance, emphasizing the neckline and collarbone.

Final Thoughts

So, with the help of some fashion hacks and tips you can turn your spaghetti strap dress into a modest one effectively. Since modesty is a subjective matter it is all about focusing on how it makes you feel comfortable wearing the dress around. You can experiment by adding a layering piece, opting for a clever accessory, or even altering the dress itself. There are plenty of options to explore and try. Make sure you apply the steps carefully by following each piece of information without skipping any points to get the desired result.


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