How To Make Pacifier Clips – Style And Function Explain

For parents with a little baby, it is very well-known what a pacifier clip is. It is a small tool containing a short strip that is usually made of fabric, ribbons, or silicone beads that contains a small clip or even a clasp on one end of it. You can attach it to your baby’s clothes so that the pacifier doesn’t get lost. It is a lifesaver at times as pacifiers get lost very easily. You know you want to keep your little baby happy but it gets tough in situations like this.

The only thing you can wish for is that the pacifiers to stay and not out of reach. The inevitable cycle of losing pacifiers and buying them easily gets rid of by the pacifier clips. These clips are easily available but you know you can save a bit of your pocket money by making one. Handmade pacifier clips can be colorful and safer where the materials that are used are easily available.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many styles that you can incorporate for your pacifier like fabric, ribbon, and bead-style pacifier clips!
  • Learn what materials you need and how to make them in a step-by-step process!
  • Take note of the precautions that you need to take while making a pacifier clip.

The Process of Making Pacifier Clips

Before getting into the details of the process of how to make pacifier clips make sure you have the supplies that are needed and the required skills. Making these pacifier clips on your own is a very good idea and is low in cost than readymade ones. You get to use different types of materials which is suitable for the baby. One can call it a simple hack but this keeps your baby happy too. Also, the time it saves you to find and buy a new one.

There are different styles to make a pacifier clip but basically, all the processes are the same.

In the step-by-step walkthrough below you will know how to make a pacifier clip in a few different ways.

Fabric-Style Pacifier Clips

Fabric style pacifier clips

For this style, the following supplies are needed:

  • Scrap of fabrics – Cotton fabric is preferable as it is soft and much more favorable for babies. Try to use a colorful one which will not only suit the baby’s attire but they will also be attracted to it. A bit of fashion sense is good too!
  • A fusible interface – This will be used on the opposite side of the fabric. It is usually a one-color cloth that matches the basic color of the main fabric.
  • A ribbon, elastic, or thread – This will be used to attach one end of the fabric to a pacifier. Use any to your preference because fashion matters! It should be strong enough to hold the attachments together.
  • A tailor scissor – To cut the pieces of fabric and thread.
  • An iron – To make the fabric steamed and straight.
  • A sewing machine/needle – To sew the fabric with other attachments.
  • Measuring tape – To use for the perfect size.
  • Safety pin – It is needed for extra help.
  • A pacifier clip – This will be used to attach to any part of the baby’s clothing.

Now let’s get into the process of making this pacifier clip:

Step 1: Measurement and Cutting

First, use the measuring tape and take the size of your fabric which is usually 2 1/4 x 8 or 2 1/4 x 9 inches in a rectangle and cut it using the scissor. This size is preferable because the holder of the pacifier clips is a bit bigger than this. When you’re done with cutting the fabric, use the same size to cut the fusible interface.

Step 2: Ironing

Take the strip of fabric and carefully iron both sides. Do the same for the fusible interface. It is also a good idea to iron both of them together with opposite facing. This will help to sew them together.

Step 3: Sewing

After ironing, take the two pieces of cloth turn them back and fold them together in half sideways. Keep the size of 1/4 inch for seaming allowance and sew the edges together using either a sewing machine or a needle.

Once the sewing on the inside is done, use a safety pin on one side and turn the fabric right side out by pushing it through the inside. The safety pin helps a lot in these cases. Then turn in the edges on both ends by 1/2 inch. Now, iron the fabric again in this state. This will help to stay in this shape.

Step 4: Placing the clip

Take one end of the fabric strip and put it through the holder of the pacifier clip and fold it by 1 inch. Sew this folded end with the help of the sewing machine. You can sew in a boxed shape with an X in the middle. It will help to hold it strong together. A needle can be used instead if it is of your suiting.

Step 5: Attaching a thread or a ribbon

Now you can either use a thread or a ribbon to put it on the other end. For any of the cases, cut it into a size of 7 inches long. Fold it and tie a knot at one end keeping the loop around 2 and 1/2 inches long. If you’re using a ribbon, try to use a grosgrain ribbon as it is strong and long-lasting. The thickness of it should be close to a thread in size.

Tuck the loose end of the thread or ribbon along with the knot inside the other end of the fabric and give a basic single-line stitch. For more security, you can backstitch too. This side of the thread or ribbon will be used to tie it to the holder of the pacifier.

There you have it, a fabric-style pacifier clip.

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Ribbon-Style Pacifier Clips

Ribbon style pacifier clips

This style is almost similar to the fabric style mentioned above with two major differences. You do not need a fabric and an iron in your supplies. The rest are as follows:

  • Colorful ribbon – Any sort of color can be used. Grosgrain ribbon is preferable as it is stronger than soft and shiny satin ribbons. They are also a bit stretchable.
  • Metal clip – If you want it can be bronze. This will hold onto the baby’s cloth.
  • Sewing machine – To sew one end of the ribbon.
  • Measuring tape – To get the required size of ribbon.
  • A lighter or candle – This will be used for the flame.
  • One General/Tailor scissor – To cut the ribbon in size.
  • A pair of snaps – To button up a loop for hooking.
  • Snap pliers – To press the snaps.
  • An awl – To make a hole in the ribbon for the snaps.

The process for the ribbon style is almost similar to that of the fabric style with some tweaks. The supplies that are mentioned can easily be in the toolbox, crafting space, or garage of your house.

Step 1: Ribbon

As mentioned previously, try to get a grosgrain ribbon for the strip. This ribbon has a ribbed look and is also strong too. It is soft which will not affect the baby if try to bite. Grosgrain ribbons are also a bit stretchable. A 1 x 11 1/2-inch (2.9 x 29 cm) rectangle-size ribbon is good enough. This size usually depends on the size of the clip that you use.

Step 2: Flaming

Take the ribbon and slightly melt the edges of both ends with the help of either a candle or a lighter. It will also be helpful if you have a tea light candle. By doing this the edges are kept smooth and no extra pieces of thread come out of it while using.

Step 3: Clipping and sewing

Then you’ll need the pacifier clip to put the ribbon through. You can check if the metal of the clip is lead, nickel, and zinc free this is because it cannot be harmful to the baby. Next, put one end of the ribbon through the loop of a pacifier for about an inch long and fold it on the inside. Sew the folded part in the sewing machine in any style you want as long as it is secured. A simple single line with three back-and-forth stitches will be good enough. The folded side should be on the underside of the clip.

Step 4: Attach the snaps

As one end is attached to the metal clip, take the other end and fold it in half an inch size. You should fold on the same backside as the other end. Check the size with one of the caps from the snaps and it should be slightly bigger than the cap. Mark the spot where the cap will be attached later on. After that fold it once again to hide the edge of the ribbon. Take the folded part and do another fold of an inch size. Use the measuring tape while doing so.

Holding this folded part in your hand lining up nicely, take the awl and make a hole in all of it at the center. These holes made the mark for the snaps to be attached. Take one set of snaps and put the cap in the first folded part at the end of the ribbon. Press the cap with the snap pliers. Then do the same in the other hole putting the socket which is done with a gap of an inch. The snaps should be facing the backside of the ribbon.

Now, your ribbon-style pacifier clip is made. Use the end with the snap to hook to the loop of the pacifier.

Bead-Style Pacifier Clips

Bead style pacifier clips

Bead-style pacifier clips are a bit different than the first two and are much easier to make. The supplies that are needed are as follows:

  • Colorful Silicon Beads – Different shapes of silicon beads. These beads are safer and have no BPA, Phthalates, or toxins that are harmful to babies. These beads are soft so that babies have no problem biting them.
  • White polyester cord – To put the beads together. The thickness of the thread can be 2mm highest.
  • General scissors – To cut the threads.
  • Measuring tape – To get the exact length of the thread.
  • Crafting needles or a paper clip – Crafting needles are usually plastic and easy to use for threads.
  • A lighter or candle – This will be used for the flame.
  • A metal clip – To attach to the baby’s clothing.

The process to make a bead-style pacifier clip is very simple and easier than other styles.

Step 1: Measure, cut, and attach the polyester cord

Take the white polyester cord and cut it into a 17-inch size. Fold it in half, putting the two edges together. Now, there are two ways you can put the edges together. One, you can tie a knot tightly and use a lighter or candle to burn it. Two, use a flame to melt both ends and then connect them together by pressing them. You can do this process a few more times to make sure they are fused together so that it doesn’t break.

Step 2: Tie to the clip

Any of the processes that you used above, now tie this end of the cord to the loop of the clip. Keep the knot tight so that there’s no chance of loosening up.

Step 3: Insert the beads

Next, you need to insert the beads in the thread. To do so, you can either use a crafting needle or a paper clip. The needle can be used to push the cords through the beads and if a paper clip is used attach it to the cord using it to pass the beads.

Do not use the whole of the thread for beads. Leave a gap of around two inches. When the beads are inserted tie a knot tightly on the folded end so that everything is secured. The last bead at both ends should cover the knots as well. This end of the thread will be used to tie to the holder of the pacifier.

Now you have a well-designed, colorful, and fashionable bead-style pacifier clip.

3 Safety Precautions for Using A Pacifier Clip

There are some safety precautions that should always be maintained.

  1. You should never leave your baby unsupervised. A pacifier that is attached to a clip is much more dangerous because it can cause strangulation or suffocation. This sort of dangerous situation can happen if the baby is sleeping.
  2. Pacifier clips are usually attached to baby’s clothing but never attach to a ribbon, belts, or cords. It can possibly cause strangulation to the baby.
  3. After each wash, always check the ribbons of the pacifiers if there are any tears or not. Best-quality materials at times, do tend to tear or wear.
  • Note: Another thing that you can make sure of is that the baby cannot or should not use a pacifier after the age of 4 to 6 months. It disrupts the sleep pattern of the baby and somehow if it falls out of their mouth, they can cry at odd hours. Also for older babies the growth of their teeth is affected if they keep using pacifiers.


How many inches is a pacifier clip?

They can be any length that you may prefer, but the safest option is to not go over 8 inches so that it can properly function.

Are pacifier clips safe for babies?

Not only are they safe, but the pacifier clips can also make sure that if the pacifier falls from the baby’s mouth, it will be attached to the cloth so it won’t fall to the ground.

Do you really need a pacifier clip?

You may not need a pacifier clip but having one ensures that you don’t lose the pacifier or that it falls and gets contaminated by germs.

Final thoughts

Pacifier clips are easy to make being very budget friendly using colorful materials like fabrics, ribbons, and beads. All of the supplies are also easily available in a household and can be used to make a pacifier clip. It keeps you out of the worries of not losing another pacifier and is very much safe for the babies. Lastly, it is fashionable too as colorful materials are used and can be matched with a baby’s outfit. In the end, with all safety precautions taken, a happy baby makes you feel happy too.

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