How to remove embroidery from a jacket

How To Remove Embroidery From A Jacket – Easiest Ways In 2023

Who would want to remove such beautiful and satisfying things like embroidery? Most of us would say, “no” since we all love this decoration and the main purpose of the embroidery work is to showcase an idea. It works like a logo or a front face to convey an idea or a message in a craftier way. It requires needlework, thread play, different stitch patterns, and much more. When it comes to creative people or people who love customized approaches for their stuff it becomes different.

Apart from that for creative minds, there’s no boundary because they can make something out of their concept the same goes for crafts too. But it is a bit tough to remove the embroidery from a jacket or similar clothes. There’s a chance to end up damaging the clothes. How to remove embroidery from a jacket? Well, first and foremost, gather the tools, and follow the steps without skipping any information mentioned and discussed. You’ll end up with the desired result.

Key Takeaways

  • Know when it becomes essential to remove the embroidery from your jacket.
  • Before starting the process note down the tips and tools you need to carefully remove the embroidery.
  • Scan through the methods for removing the embroidery from your jacket as each method differs in technique and type of jacket.
  • Check the alternatives as well if you don’t want to get into technical approaches.

Is it Necessary to Remove the Embroidery? 

The first time you embroider your favorite shirt, you might make an error. Therefore, you will have to start all over again and discard everything you have created so far. If someone gave you a purse with a logo, you may want to get rid of it and replace it with a new one. There may be something wrong with the placement, or you may not like the color, or you are a creative person who keeps things up to customization according to personal preference. Considering all those situations and depending on demands it’s okay to remove the embroidery from a dress, hat, jacket, cap, etc. since it is a crafty task to pull. You may have made a mistake when setting up your embroidery machine, so your piece ends up looking like a horrifying nest of birds.

Tips On How to Remove the Embroidery

When embroidering, it is normal to have some backing and embroidery thread on the fabric because the backing is necessary to stabilize the fabric during the embroidery process. When you finish the embroidery project, the last step is to remove the machine embroidery. If you are not careful, you can damage the fabric or the embroidery yourself if you do not use the embroidery removal tool. Identify the type of backup used. This will determine the best way to remove the embroidery. If baking is water-soluble, you can soak it in hot water until it dissolves. If the baking is heat-driven, you can use a steam iron.

  • Firstly, you will need a pair of scissors
  • Second, you need to be careful not to cut the fabric.
  • Eliminate the back of the extra embroidery around the outside of the design
  • Gently peel off the back of the embroidery, taking care not to pull the stitches.
  • If you encounter any resistance, stop and cut off this part of the back.
  • After removing the backing, gently brush any loose embroidery threads
  • At last, you will need to iron the area to remove any wrinkles.

3 Ways to Remove Embroidery from a Jacket

You’d find a lot of ways to do it but not all of the would-be effective and result oriented which will ensure that your beloved jacket or fabric doesn’t get damaged


These tools are used in all the techniques and methods for removing embroidery from the jacket and other clothes as well.

  • Seam ripper
  • Stitch eraser
  • Tweezers
  • Magnifying glass
  • Lint brush/roller

Method 1: Using A Seam Ripper

It is possible to remove embroidery from a jacket and all you need is a seam ripper and a pair of tweezers to finish this task. 

Using a seam ripper
Using a seam ripper

Step 1. Take the seam ripper to rip off the threads and stitches on the jacket. Remember to start this process on the right side of the jacket. Pick a starting point for your embroidery design, insert your seam ripper, and pull off the stitches. Maintain a flat surface to observe when you make holes in your jacket as you remove the embroidery.

Step 2. Now with your seam ripper, rip off stitches from your embroidery design following its pattern, and make sure the seam ripper doesn’t pull off the whole stitch and thread. You’d notice that the seam ripper makes your jacket shaggy as the embroidery design is not fully removed.

Step 3. It’s time to take another tool called, tweezers. Pull off the threads of the embroidery design and repeat this with every aspect of the embroidery design until the area gets clear of the embroidery.

Step 4. Remember to turn your jacket inside out for removing embroidery? So, turn your jacket inside out. Scan for left-alone stitches on this site. If there are, use your tweezers to pull out these threads. When you’ve done this for both sides, you fully removed it from your jacket. 

Step 5.  Taking embroidery off of your jacket or other clothes will reveal some visible holes in your dress. You leave holes in your jacket’s fabric from embroidery. A different embroidery design can be added to hide the holes, regardless of how large or small they are. Covering the hole with a stitch or putty is another option. After removing embroidery from your jacket, experts around the world suggest covering the holes with applique. 

Method 2: Using A Razor

You can also use a razor to remove embroidery from your jacket. To use this method, you will need a razor and a seam ripper.

Using a razor
Using a razor

Step 1. The first and foremost step for this project no matter which method you apply, turn your jacket inside out. Since it helps to see the embroidery design and its stitches properly to cut off the embroidery threads.

Step 2. Pick a starting point and start to cut off the embroidery threads on the backside. To use a razor to remove embroidery on your jacket, cut off the stitches holding on the embroidery onto the jacket.

Step 3. Turn your jacket the right way, and use a seam ripper or tweezer to pull out the embroidery threads holding the design onto your jacket.

Step 4. Make sure you remove all traces of the embroidery design by repeating this step. In order to prevent the fabric from getting holes when embroidering, use a razor, but your fabric jacket will have small holes from the embroidery stitching. While removing the embroidery, a razor prevents the holes from getting bigger.

Step 5. It is quite difficult to sew your jacket where the holes appear. In order to seal the holes, it is recommended that you use applique. To seal those holes, sew on a different embroidery design from the one you removed.

Step 6. A stitch eraser cannot be used on embroidery as it will result in larger holes in the fabric. The tweezers are the best tool for removing embroidery since they cut the threads from the top.

Step 7. It is likely that you will find holes in your fabric when you remove embroidery from it. There is no need to worry about these holes if they are not large enough. For the jacket to be wearable, larger holes should be properly sealed.

Method 3: Using Iron

Using iron
Using iron

Lastly, you can study this method as well. Using iron has been used by people all over the world. Skipping to the discussion we’re sharing the steps:

  • Make sure your jacket or fabric is lying on a flat surface
  • Put a towel between the embroidery and the ironing board
  • Heat your iron to its hottest setting
  • Press firmly on the embroidery with your hand, then press down with e hot iron for about 10 seconds
  • Repeat it a few times back and forth until all the threads get removed
  • Lastly, wait until it gets cool properly and clean it.

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3 Alternatives to Removing Embroidery from Jacket

If you’re not able to remove the embroidery from your jacket, there are a few alternative options you can try:

Cutting the Embroidery Out of the Jacket

There are two more ways to can try to remove embroidery from your jacket. They are harmless yet careful attention is required throughout the process.

Using Electric Shaver

Using electric shaver
Using electric shaver

You can use an electric shaver r if you want to remove embroidery from clothing. You can use an electric shaker to remove embroidery from clothing that has embroidery. An embroidery machine vibrates the fabric embroidery, a relatively quick and easy process that requires no special skills.

If you want to remove the backing from the embroidery, you’ll need to find an electric shaker, which you can find at most craft stores. This is done by shaking the embroidery vigorously until the dough is loose. If the backing is loose, you can remove it. To clean the surface, use a lint roller or duct tape after the stitches are removed.

Using Scissors

Using scissors
Using scissors

It is best to remove embroidery from a garment with embroidered scissors. Embroidery scissors have a sharp, thin point that can easily be snatched from the embroidery thread without damaging the fabric. The easiest way to remove embroidery is to start by cutting along the outer edge of the design with a cloth. Once the design is loose, carefully cut each stitch until it is removed.

Using sharp scissors and cutting along the outer edge of the embroidery will prevent damaging the fabric underneath. These scissors are specially designed to cut embroidery thread and can remove unwanted stitches quickly. If you have trouble removing the embroidery without damaging the fabric, try using a seam wrapper to gently lift the stitches.

Remove Different types of Embroidery

All the embroidery we see in the world of clothing and textile are either handmade or machine-made. Rest of the types come through variations of them. So, when you want to remove embroidery stitches from your jacket or any other fabric or dress the approach would be different even though the tools would be most likely the same.

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery
Hand embroidery

Like the seam ripper, you’ll need tweezers, a magnifying glass, a lint brush, and/or duct tape to remove hand embroidery. To begin, turn the garment inside out so the entire embroidered portion is exposed on the back. After that, insert your hand into the cavity so that the part you want to remove rests in your palm. By doing this you will be able to get a sense of balance and see how the work is progressing; the better the visuals, the better the result.

To remove tiny fragments of stitches, slide the seam ripper under them gently. You can begin cutting the stitches by pushing the seam ripper forward in a forwarding motion. You should take five to six stitches at a time if you want good control. You should also work slowly and gently to prevent ripping the garment. If any threads have come loose after cutting all the stitches, turn the item right-side out and pull them out. Then, use tweezers to remove the stitches.

Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery
Machine embroidery

There is a bit of a difference between removing machine embroidery and removing hand-stitched embroidery. There will be little difference in the tools and process, but you’ll need similar tools. Taking out handstitched embroidery is the same as taking out machine embroidery. You can hold the embroidered part in your palm after turning the clothing item inside out.

You will also need to find a white bobbin thread, which can be a little tricky because the stitches are smaller than those of handstitched embroidery. The seam ripper should be inserted in the same manner as before, but this time you will go under 30-40 stitches at once. Once you have completely shaved off the embroidery work, continue working across it. If you are moving to another segment, be sure to lift up the eraser.

Once the embroidery work has been shaved off, turn the garment around so that the embroidery stitches can be lifted off with your hands. The threads can be lifted up and removed with a needle or seam ripper if you face any difficulties. You may need to turn the garment inside out again and run the eraser past the remaining stitches if everything does not come out on the first try. All stray threads should be removed with a lint roller or dust tape.


How do you remove hard embroidery?

Removing embroidery logos is easy and cheap with a seam ripper. Cutting and removing seams from stitching is easy with this tool.

Is there an easy way to remove embroidery stitches?

A seam ripper is an easiest and cheapest way to remove an embroidery logo because it easily cuts and removes the seams from the stitching of any fabric especially jackets and others.

Can all embroidery be removed?

You can definitely remove your embroidery stitches from a hoop and start over if you are running low on supplies, make a mistake, or don’t want to waste your time.

Final Thoughts

When you know the steps and their results that can serve your purpose of removing the embroidery from not only your jacket but also from other fabrics and clothes it becomes a great experience in the venture of your sewing journey and a step toward more personalized customization. since it is a full process of fixing and creating you must be careful and prepared with the right tools before you jump right into it. Make you’re the thread and scissors are new for the initial and post-processing stages.

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