How to remove embroidery from nylon jacket

How To Remove Embroidery From Nylon Jacket – Expert’s Pro Guide

Nylon is a kind of fabric that is light to wear, extremely strong, non – absorbent and it will keep you warm, although, it is a very tough fabric. For example, your favorite nylon jacket may have some embroidery work on it that is unappealing to you and you want to remove it for a new one. You will require the right tools and skilled hands for this task.

Removal of embroidery from a nylon jacket can seem daunting. Don’t let this thought scare you. Gather your tools which are available in any local craft store, so they will not cost you a lot. Skilled hands and proper use will leave you with minimal damage. Here, in this article, we have discussed, the removal processes of embroidery design from a nylon jacket with seam ripper and tweezer, razor and tweezer, and also other alternatives of seam ripper and razor. A seam ripper and razor are the main tools in this process.

Key Takeaways

  • Removal process from a nylon jacket with the seam ripper, razor, and tweezers.
  • Taking several precautions has also been discussed throughout the processes.
  • Various alternatives for this removal process have been discussed.

How to Remove Embroidery from Nylon Jacket?

You can remove embroidery from nylon jackets by using a seam ripper and razor. Take the right side up of your jacket, then you can start to rip off the stitches of the embroidery. As the threads start to loosen up, use the tweezer to pull them off unless only you have left is clear nylon fabric.

Step-by-step process is given below.

Tools And Materials You Will Need

  • Seam ripper
  • Razor
  • Tweeze

Method 1: A seam ripper

Method 1: A Seam Ripper
Method 1: A Seam Ripper

We will discuss below how to remove embroidery from a nylon jacket with a seam ripper and a tweezer.

  • Step 1: Decide where you are going to rip off. It’s better if you start from the right side, insert your seam ripper and pull off the stitches. Choose a flat surface where the embroidery design is visible. A flat surface will help you to see if you are making any mistakes while removing embroidery, such as making holes, etc.
  • Step 2: Use the seam ripper to rip off stitches from your embroidery. The ripper will not rip off the full design and thread, instead, it will leave your jacket untidy as the design is not removed completely.
  • Step 3: Take your tweezer and start taking out loose threads from the removal of the design with a seam ripper. Do this with another part of your embroidery design unless you have no more design left to rip off.
  • Step 4: Turn your nylon jacket inside out to see if there are any embroidery stitches left, if you have loose threads, use the tweezer to pull them out. As you are pulling out from the back side and you are already done on the front part, thus, your removal of the embroidery design of the nylon jacket is done. While removing embroidery from a nylon jacket, you may leave holes, large holes will destroy your jacket, whereas, smaller holes will be more invisible.
  • Step 5: You can consider hiding these holes by adding another embroidery design, for this, you can use fabric glue to attach a new design. Once you are done with removing your design, wear your jacket without a design or with a new design.
  • Step 6: Use applique to hide the holes. A seam ripper is the best tool for removing embroidery. With this, you remove the top part of the embroidery, if it is causing holes, then use larger tools to remove the embroidery.

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Method 2: Razor

Method 2: Razor
Method 2: Razor

You can use a razor to remove embroidery. For this method, you need a razor and a tweezer.

  • Step 1: Turn your nylon jacket inside out. You will be able to see the embroidery stitches properly before you start to cut off the stitches.
  • Step 2: Take your razor to the inside part of your jacket. Select an area to start cutting off the threads on the backside. Rub your razor over the stitches, then holding onto the stitches, cut off the threads.
  • Step 3: Follow the step-by-step process while you remove the stitches. turn your jacket inside out, and take your seam ripper to pull off the embroidery threads. Use tweezers to pull off the loose ends.
  • Step 4: Do this step for the rest of the embroidery design unless you have removed all of it. While you are using a razor, you will have less chance of getting holes. However, you will have small holes while using a razor.
  • Step 5: Sewing the holes is quite difficult, you can use applique to seal those holes. Or use a different embroidery design from the previous ones.
  • Step 6: To remove the nylon from the embroidery, you will need the right tools. Do not use stitch erasers, as they will leave larger holes.
  • Step 7: After removing your design, we will probably find holes. If they are not large enough, seal them to wear your jacket again.


How do you remove the embroidered logo from a nylon jacket?

You can use a seam ripper to remove the embroidered logo. This is the cheapest way. This tool will easily cut off embroidered threads. Once you have turned your garment inside out, use this sharp tool for snipping your stitches.

How do you remove the lettering from a nylon jacket?

You can use seven effective ways to remove the lettering from a nylon jacket, such as nail polish remover or acetone, plastisol remover, spot removal fluid, cold–water rinse, iron–peel, sugar scrub, and fade with washing.

How do you remove labels from the nylon?

You can use soap and water on synthetics, wet your shirt, rub it with a microfiber cloth and dish soap, soak your garment in warm water for 20 minutes, and later let it dry in the air.

Final Thoughts

As we have discussed in this article, it is possible to remove embroidery design from a nylon jacket, although while doing so, you have to be very careful to not make holes. If you have holes, it is possible to use a different design on top of it. Depending on how large of a hole you have or how small of a hole you have, you can make your new design to that length. Cleaning remnants after removal is a crucial part of this situation, you can count on tweezer for this. Last but not least, do not let holes intimidate you, mend them, and wear your jacket as good as new.

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