Is sewing an expensive hobby

Is Sewing an Expensive Hobby – Really Worth It

Making a hobby is healthy for the human mind. It helps us to nourish creativity and open new ways to discover skills. Sewing is one of the best hobbies. This hobby is unique by nature. It helps a person to become dedicated, focused, persevering, and patient. Using a sewing machine makes sewing easier to learn and apply in real life. Although, you must have a sewing machine to complete your hobby. Do you think, Sewing is an expensive hobby?

In one word, the answer is no. Sewing is not an expensive hobby at all. In fact, this particular activity is even much cheaper than other hobbies like rock climbing, wild hunting, or any other sports. Still, some would say that sewing cost a good amount of investment, which is true. So, do not become confused by thinking all these and wasting your time, and keep reading till a good conclusion.

Key Takeaways

  • Sewing is a hobby for many people of all ages.
  • Sewing can be a reasonable hobby.
  • A few tips to start a cost-free sewing hobby.
  • Cut the extra cost of sewing.
  • Benefits of making sewing as a hobby.
  • Make earnings through sewing.
  • Fact of sewing is an expensive hobby.

Is Sewing an Expensive Hobby?

Of course not! Sewing is not a luxurious hobby. In fact, sewing is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get started. This particular activity requires less money and effort which makes it more important and enjoyable for everyone.

Sewing can be an expensive hobby if you get an exclusive sewing machine and spend a lot of money on fabric. But, do not focus on that as it is more about the skills that will help you to be good at it. And then you will be surprised to realize exactly how creative you are with an affordable machine. You will be able to work with any piece of fabric and turn it into an amazing piece of clothing.

Anyone who wants to get started at sewing does not need an expensive sewing machine. There are many options you will find on the market. Where you can choose an affordable machine and tools to start your first projects. There are a few things to consider to reduce the costs of a sewing hobby.

Sewing: A Great Hobby for All

Sewing is a great hobby for all. People of different ages are able to understand how sewing functions and how to do it. Even as a beginner, you will like sewing and crafting on the first try. Making it a hobby is a dream for many. This activity offers a mindfulness of mental health.

Sewing allows you to sit and think about your feelings and pay attention to organize your thoughts. This also helps avoid unnecessary disturbance in your life too. The sense of success you will come from finishing a sewing project is also such a great boost to your mental health.

Sewing can be a great way to build your world around your sewing materials. A person at any age can enjoy tremendous joy in creating their crafting world from sewing materials. Sewing is a great hobby for everyone.

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How to Start Cost Free Sewing Hobby?

Sewing does not require much of an investment. Still, you may caught up in spending a lot of money on equipment and sewing machine. Before that happen, be cautious to reduce costs in the sewing hobby.

How to start cost free sewing hobby
How to start cost free sewing hobby

Start with a Simple Project

To start sewing as a beginner, you need to begin with the simple task of sewing. Some of the tasks do not even require a sewing machine. Try repairing your clothes, easy knitting, pillow projects, and DIY projects.

Use Spare Clothes and Fabrics

To start a sewing hobby, you do not need expensive fabrics from shops. Instead, you can try using old clothes and fabric pieces that you can find in your house. Try that to practice at first. You can also ask your friends or family members to help you with that. Take out your old clothes and start sewing.

Buy Secondhand Machine

Although I do not really recommend the second machinery to anyone, it is a great option for sewing. Find out a secondhand machine shop in your area and ask them for a good-condition sewing machine within your budget. You can also try brand-new sewing machines at a low-end price within your budget.

Prevent Expenses in Sewing

After you start sewing as your hobby, you might have a hard time understanding the extra cost that you have been paying. Considering a few things will get you going tension free with the expenses for years.

Do not Buy an Advanced Machine

If you are sewing for only a few months, you might have developed skills to complete a semi-complex project with a simple sewing machine. This is as expected from a rookie sewist. As a hobby, you can do a lot more after years. But, you should not go for an advance level sewing machine at this stage. Those high-end machines cost a lot of money. So, do not waste money on anything that has no use.  Try better options in your existing sewing machine.

Buy a Bulk Amount of Fabric

When you have so many ongoing projects, you may need a huge pile of fabric for that. When you have that much need, go for bulk buying. This will help you to reduce a good amount of money and saves you time in the future. This is the most cost-effective way to sew. Not only able to save money on fabric costs but also you will have enough fabric to make several pieces at once. Plus, buying in bulk will give you the best deal for the project you have.

Buy Some Tools at Once as You Use

Buying all the sewing tools at once will be very expensive. If you are a beginner, buy only the necessary tools as needed. Startup sewing does not require a lot of special equipment. You can collect most tools at fabric stores or online. Here is a list of some of the most important beginner sewing tools:

  • Thread: A variation of threads is needed for different fabrics. So it is important to have enough on hand. Choose a few for your project. Not necessary to buy all of them.
  • Fabric: Select a suitable fabric. Use it only for practice.
  • Seam Ripper: This tool is very necessary for sewing. It helps remove stitches from fabric without damaging it.
  • Zigzag Wheel: A zigzag wheel creates curved lines on fabrics. It is the least important tool. Still, you will need it to do some cool stuff.
  • Sewing Machine Needle: A sewing machine needle is a must for sewing. This needle should be sharp and needs to be properly threaded for accurate stitching.
  • Presser Foot Controller: This presser foot controller attaches to your sewing machine and pedals heat and pressure while you sew.

Budget for the Whole Month

As a newbie, it can be a little intimidating to figure out the cost of the material you will need for each project. By making a monthly budget, you can avoid running out of fabric and wasting money on unnecessary expenses. A monthly budget allows you to track your expenses and determine the money you spend on sewing materials each month.

Calculate the cost of fabrics and concepts that you will use in a month. Including patterns, thread, needles, and fabric. Determine the average cost of all these items based on the number of items you plan to sew every month. Add this to the total monthly expense for sewing materials. Save your receipts after shopping trips to track your progress over time. You will see your expenses have changed significantly from one month to another.

Note Down Requirements

Sewing can be an expensive hobby depending on what you sew. If you need a few pieces of fabric and some thread, it is not too expensive to sew yourself. However, it can become expensive if you need a lot of fabric and special materials.

Some fabrics are more expensive than gold. Like, cotton is generally low-priced to purchase than silk. Silk is more expensive to seam than cotton as it requires more care in the manufacturing process.

Some materials are required for higher-skill sewing. They may cost more to purchase than other materials. For example, bias tape is more expensive than other types as it requires a specific type of needle and thread.

Benefits of Sewing Hobby

There are many good outcomes of sewing daily. This habit is good for utilizing leisure time. Not only help you create beautiful and unique clothing, but sewing also has many benefits.

Let’s talk about the benefits of making sewing as a hobby.

Benefits of sewing hobby
Benefits of sewing hobby

Reduce Stress

The first benefit of sewing is reducing stress. Sewing can be a great way to relax and untie your mind after a long day. It also helps to reduce anxiety and depression. It keeps your mind off of other stresses. Sewing is a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment and allows you to create something beautiful and unique.

Save Money

By sewing regular basis, you can reach the goal of finishing your sewing project. This can give you the confidence to do sewing as professionally. Sewing can be a better way to make items without spending much money. You can make clothing, curtains, and furniture without spending money on your bank account. Sewing will save a lot of money in the long run, as you can make items that you normally have to buy. Moreover, you can make many materials and tools to help you complete each project at a fraction of the cost of buying them.

Customize Own Clothing

A sewist does not need to go to a tailor to make or fix clothing. Even for modification, a sewist will do that in a matter of time. This is the best part of the sewing hobby. You can do whatever you want with your clothes if you know how to sew. This practice saves a lot of making the dress. At least, now you can customize your dress exactly the way you imagined. Which can’t be done by a tailor. It requires specific talent of someone’s interest.

Can Sewing Be A Source Of Earnings?

The answer is profound, yes! There are many ways to make sewing a source of earning money and you do not need special skills or equipment to get started. All you need is a sewing machine, some fabric, and a creative mind. Creating custom-made clothing or accessories is one way to start making money out of sewing.

You can create pieces of a specific size, colors, and fabrics or even entire outfits for a customer. You can even specialize in certain types of clothing like bridal wear or vintage dress. This could involve stitching clothing or creating custom items for a customer. You could also create items to sell online like aprons or mini bags.

If you have a good eye for design, you could start your clothing brand and accessories line. You could create samples to send to boutique shoppers and web stores or even open your online store.

Why do People think Sewing is Expensive Hobby?

After all this discussion, you can see that sewing activity can be a great hobby with a little number of investments. But still, some would say sewing is expensive to be a hobby. This statement is also true on some points. Let’s break the ice about it.

Why do people think sewing is expensive hobby
Why do people think sewing is expensive hobby

For sewing, you will need 3 basic things:

  • A sewing machine
  • A few fabrics and necessary tools
  • Your creative mind

To make a perfect hobby out of sewing, these 3 things are a must. Sewing can’t be done without any of these missing.

Now, the question is, why do people think sewing hobby is expensive? Well, the expense is only to buy a sewing machine, which is 150 to 200 $ or maybe 300 $. But, it feels expensive when you do not have the resources to collect easily. This depends on the area you live.

Also, the expense comes when you do not have those 3 things in one place. For example, if you want to sew but do not have a sewing machine then it will be a great urge and burden at the same time. If you go to buy a brand new sewing machine, you will naturally feel like spending huge money. And then with that thought in your mind, you will need to spend time sewing. Moreover, if a person has all the tools and machines to work with, but you do not understand the creativity of sewing then it will feel expensive for that person.

So, now you can see that sewing is not that expensive at all. The expense depends on your mind. If you want to do something as a hobby, you will do it even if it cost a million dollars.


Is it worth learning to sew?

Yes! Sewing lets you express yourself through your talent. From selecting the pattern and fabric to putting the finishing touches, every aspect of this activity allows you to be creative while designing your clothing. It also gives you something to be proud of as your establishments can make you stand out from the rest.

Is sewing a worthwhile hobby?

Sewing is a wonderful hobby. This activity can quickly turn into a profitable job with a bit of practice. Even if you have never handled a needle and thread before. A sewist will always love to have a corner space in the room for sewing.

How much does it cost to start sewing?

Sewing can cost around $150 to $500 if you do not have the basic items needed. You need some of the common startup costs for a sewing business: A sewing machine. Inventory of fabric, thread, buttons, zippers, etc.

Final Thoughts

Is sewing an expensive hobby? The answer lies in your opinion and mindset. Making an activity a hobby needs a wise mind to decide. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, sewing is indeed expensive. But, it is also a great activity to be a hobby. However, with the right direction in the above discussed, you can significantly reduce the cost of your sewing hobby and still get high-quality results.


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