What are some features of a more advanced sewing

What Are Some Features Of A More Advanced Sewing Machine?

Sewing is one of the best hobbies. A person with a hobby of sewing can spend hours sewing and making cool crafts. This is a great way to spend leisure time to utilize. After many years of sewing, you must be familiar with your sewing machine’s features. Now, it is your time to become advanced in sewing.

Have you ever felt the urge to know your sewing machine’s advanced-level features? Are you looking for an advanced sewing machine but confused about which one to choose? If you love sewing, you might be familiar with a few awesome features of an advanced sewing machine. But are much more than you can think. The sewing machines in 2023 are built with many advanced features and merely need human effort in sewing. Before you buy a sewing machine, you need to know the advanced features that you might want in your sewing machine.

Key Takeaways

  • The Basic difference between advanced and manual sewing machines.
  • Why a computerized sewing machine is better.
  • The advanced features that it has.
  • The Simplicity of an advanced sewing machine.

Difference: Manual VS Advanced Sewing Machines

Manual vs advanced sewing machines
Manual vs advanced sewing machines

There is a huge difference between a basic mechanical sewing machine and an automated computerized sewing machine. A basic sewing machine is for beginners to understand how it works. An advanced sewing machine is for those who have years of experience in sewing and want to go with advanced sewing features to make their sewing more convenient.

The main difference is, the mechanical sewing machine is fully manual. The user has to run the wheel to run sewing. All the features must be manually set before sewing. The user has total control over the sewing machine by hand. On the other way, an automatic advanced sewing machine can be run with a simple press of a button. This sewing machine runs on electricity. So, you do not need to set the feature mechanism by your hand.

The big difference is, an advance level automatic sewing machine can save a lot of your time with computerized programmed sewing features. You can set your machine on stitch sewing and do other work. The machine will give you a good outcome without any errors. Also, there are some cool features of an advanced sewing machine. Let’s check them out.

10 Features of an Advanced Sewing Machine

The basics you must think about while choosing a sewing machine are its capacity of workspace, automated functions, and the reliability of its program. Besides that, there are many features of an advanced sewing machine that you want to know.

1. Room for sewing

It is really challenging while sew a big piece of fabric like a curtain or blanket. You need a big room to handle these tasks. All the time you have to fold the fabric and see what you are sewing is really lame and time-consuming. A large workplace with a sewing machine makes it relaxed to do larger tasks like quilting baby blankets. You can easily move the fabric.

Advanced sewing machines are made to sew large clothes with enough workspace. When you are quilting, you can roll the fabric easily with a free workspace and large extension tables. A big workspace is something you need and will come to love and enjoy every project.

Room for sewing
Room for sewing

2. Automated Bobbin Winding

Bobbin winding is challenging when you have more to do in less time. You are running out of time and the bobbin goes out of thread. It is the time when you understand the importance of the auto bobbin winder. You will eventually realize when you will use it with your own hands.

Having an auto bobbin winding feature in your sewing machine is a blessing. It will save you precious time. Some sewing machines are so advanced that they come with wind bobbin automatically that sense when the bobbin is fully loaded and stops. You do not need to keep an eye on the winder. This cool feature makes the sewing machine even more user-friendly.

Automated bobbin winding
Automated bobbin winding

3. LED Light

Another cool feature of the advanced sewing machine is the LED light. This extra lighting makes a huge difference in your sewing experience. The light helps to focus on the stitch and needle eye in the dark. This feature is very useful for those who have weak eyesight. The light in advanced sewing machines offers the best experience, however, sewing indoors and in dim light.

LED Light
LED Light

4. Speed Control Feature

This is the best feature of the advanced sewing machine. This feature assists you to keep on going either slowly and carefully or boost the limit when you are about to roll. Just like when stitching long straight seams. It also helps eliminate that jerky blast of speed when your foot spasms on the foot control after too much sewing! And, you can slide it while you’re sewing if you’re one of those folks who likes to change her mind on the run.

Speed control feature
Speed control feature

5. Built-in Needle Threader

It is common for the threader to be removed from the needle while cutting. Threading a needle comes to be challenging when your eyesight is weak. It may take some time to thread the needle or even fail if you don’t have a sharp vision or working in low light.

Most advanced sewing machines have a built-in threader. This is usually like a button that mechanically drives the needle through the fabric and catches the end of the thread. You can also add a separate threader for your machine. This is a cool feature that every sewing machine user must like to have in their sewing machine.

Built-in needle threader
Built-in needle threader

6. Auto Thread Cutter

Advanced sewing machines come with options to have flexibility in sewing. One of them is cutting the thread and tying off the thread. It can also be done for reverse stitching and then cutting the thread.

Using this feature does not need to cut or tie the thread every time. The machine will finish the stitch automatically and be ready for the next stitch. These cool features not just only save time but also increase your workflow. This particular feature is best for those who want to be reasonable with the material.

Auto thread cutter
Auto thread cutter

7. Advanced Feeding System

A walking foot is used to make fabric moveable under the needle at the same speed as the feed dogs are moving. The feed dogs are pulling your fabric below and the walking foot grabs and pulls the fabric on the top so that all the layers of fabric could pass the needle without any hassle.

An advanced feeding system makes the movement faster to finish the job more quickly. It can also make the fabric move right or left according to stitching. Just a press of buttons can control the machine’s feeding system.

Advanced feeding system
Advanced feeding system

8. Auto Thread Tension

Thread tension can be adjusted automatically in an advanced sewing machine. Auto thread tension is a built-in feature in the machine to automatically adjust the thread tension. This feature is also essential for stitching. Sewing various fabrics require different thread tensions.

Mainly, automatic thread tension can only be expert by computerized sewing machines that have sensors to measure fabric thickness or electronic tension motors to set tension by stitch type. An advanced sewing machine thread tension measures fabric thickness and is the best auto tension technology. Auto tension by stitch type avoids fabric thickness. Mechanical sewing machines only have many tension dials to manually adjust tension for the different fabrics, threads, and needles.

Auto thread tension
Auto thread tension

9. Using Hoops

Most advanced sewing machines require big stitching hoops. The user can stitch on anything that he wants with an advanced machine. You can make hard-stitching bed sheets with little effort.

Using hoops makes it easy to work on the corner areas. It does not allow the fabric to travel around the sewing bed. A large hoop can also be used to sew thick fabrics. There is a limit to a hoop can go before affecting the quality of your stitches.

The manufacturers tried to keep the sides of the fabric in place. When the hoop is placed around your sewing, it will allow you to stitch without having to worry. The hoop also prevents the fabric from stretching and distorting after sewing. However, it is obvious that the bigger the hoop, the better it works. It is found that a 24-inch hoop works best.

Using hoops
Using hoops

10. Simplicity of Work

An advanced sewing machine is not just meant to give you some cool features, it is also meant to have the simplicity of work. There is no use of automated features if it does not make the work easy, it is pointless. So, the main reason for making an advanced sewing machine is that it can make the work simple for the user and save time and effort. Advanced sewing machines also come with an easy-to-use option that lets you do quilting or embroidery designs pretty easily.

What are the Benefits of Using a Computerized Sewing Machine?

What are the benefits of using a computerized sewing machine
What are the benefits of using a computerized sewing machine

According to most professional sewing machine users, an advanced-level computerized sewing machine is important for increasing workflow. This is the most beneficial outcome of using an advanced one. Also, it is user-friendly with all the button features. The whole machine is set in a perfect way to do all kinds of sewing. No extra effort for cleaning very often and it has a sensor to tell you when it needs servicing.

Also, a computerized Sewing Machine Benefits from screens that provide clear and easy-to-follow stitch functions and programs. Following this, the built-in processes are programmed to do such things as automatic needle threaders, automatic presser foot pressure control, programmed needle up or down, and automatic tension.


What are the most important features parts of a sewing machine?

Initially, it is required a good-quality motor and gear. These parts take the strain of sewing thicker fabrics in multiple layers. Manual machines have lots of plastic parts. Many are just not suitable for sewing anything more than 2 or 3 coats of lightweight fabrics.

What is the strongest sewing technique?

The “backstitch” is one of the strongest and most adaptable permanent hand stitches. It is also a bulk-free knot replacement for the beginnings and professionals of hand-sewn seams. It’s called a backstitch as the needle goes back into the sewing position and the thread of the previous stitch.

Which fabric is hardest to sew?

In sharp contrast, sheer fabrics like chiffon, georgette, voile, organdy, and organza are tricky to work with as they are very soft and delicate. They have a tendency to fray and can easily be torn apart with rough use.

What stitch is best for clothes?

The most common formation of stitches is a straight stitch. This stitch is ideal for sewing knit fabrics. There are three important concepts to understand in regard to a construction stitch.

What is SPI in sewing?

SIP means stitches per inch. This is a garment way of writing. You should specify the proper number of stitches per inch that are used in your sewn products.

Final Thoughts

An advance level sewing machine is far more different that a simple mechanical sewing machine. These two have no match for each other. The awesome features of an advanced sewing machine are supposed to make your sewing experience easier and more comfortable. Most importantly, it can save a lot of time and effort. It is meant to have a simple way of sewing experience. I hope this article helps you to choose your sewing machine in a better way.


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