Where can I find free embroidery designs

Where Can I Find Free Embroidery Designs – In 2023

As a creative field embroidery is huge. If you’re interested in embroidery, you probably know that there are countless beautiful designs out there to choose from. While many embroidery patterns can be expensive, there are also a lot of great free embroidery designs available online. The point is not every freebie would match and serve your purpose unless your online files are free of malware, and spyware, verified, high-quality, and promising to your project. Since the online world is crowdie enough to get lost it becomes tough to find accurate designs that too even free ones.

Where can I find free embroidery designs? There are multiple sources to get your free embroidery designs for your hand and machine embroidery project. In some places, you need to sign up and in other places, you’ll get them as a gift, to your surprise some of the sources even send you brand-new designs each week. It depends on the site or source and their policy. In this article, we’ve discussed about all the possible sources to get free designs for your embroidery project without any hassle.

Key Takeaways

  • Sources to find free embroidery design with instant download and a huge collection.
  • Other additional sources to find free embroidery designs for projects.
  • Tips and information about the designs, how to use them, and others.

Why Use Free Embroidery Designs?

There are many reasons to use free embroidery designs in your projects. For one thing, it can save you money. Instead of buying expensive patterns, you can find beautiful designs for free online. Additionally, using free designs allows you to experiment and try new things without investing too much money upfront. Finally, using free designs can be a great way to support the embroidery community and discover new artists and designers.

Where to Find Free Embroidery Designs?

There are many different places to find free embroidery designs online. Some of the most popular options include embroidery websites, social media, online marketplaces, and embroidery blogs.

Embroidery Websites

Many embroidery websites offer a selection of free embroidery designs. These designs may be available as digital downloads or printable patterns.

Some popular embroidery websites that offer free designs include:

1.Creative Fabrica

With over 700 free design options to choose from, Creative Fabrica has a growing collection of design freebies. If you subscribe to their email, they also send you a new free design each week. Designs come and go, so make sure to download them as soon as you find new designs! Designs all come with a commercial license, which is great if you want to sell items. Alternatively, you can set up a Cricut Unlimited account, and for a monthly fee (which you can cancel at any time), you get access to 30,000+ embroidery designs. Creative Fabrica is my favorite place for Cricut fonts and SVG files. They have some of the coolest 3D SVG files out there.

Creative fabrica
Creative fabrica

2.Oregon Patchworks

Embroidery designs are sold through Oregon Patchworks by many designers. You can get a sense of work quality by clicking around the website and finding plenty of great stuff! If you buy designs, you’ll get even more free machine embroidery patterns! And, if you download the free samplers, you do have a 10-download limit every 24 hours. To download designs, you must create an account that requires a decent amount of personal information. Subscribing to their newsletter will also grant you access to their Free Friday embroidery download. There is also a members-only area with more free designs.

Oregon patchworks
Oregon patchworks


Embroideres.com has unlimited free embroidery designs, you do not need to create an account or provide personal information. You can download unlimited free embroidery designs anytime. You can download embroidery designs for free, or get them free with a purchase. Thread color charts are included in most designs. If browsing for a specifically themed design, you can use the search function or browse within categories of the free designs. Popular designs will have several reviews, so you can verify that other users have stitched the designs before you, thus giving you an idea of quality.  Because different digitizers have submitted designs, just make sure you check reviews or do a test stitch-out before you make your project.

Embroideres Com
Ann the gran
Ann the gran

4.Ann the Gran

A free week of club membership gives you access to another 100 free designs if you create an account. Also, you have to create an account to access the free designs. As soon as you pay to join her club, you will have unlimited access to all of her club’s free designs and other discounts and goodies.



EmbroideryDesigns.com offers 3 free designs each week. You can manage a wishlist of designs you would like to download in the future. With a $35 purchase, you get 6 free designs weekly. With a $75 purchase, you get 9 free designs. To download a design, you need to create an account. You can also print out a thread color chart once you download your file.

Kreative Kiwi embroidery
Kreative Kiwi embroidery

6.Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

You can make both really cute embroidery designs and free projects from Creative Kiwi. The website specializes in in-the-hoop embroidery designs, rather than traditional embroidery. With your embroidery hoop, you can sew coasters, bookmarks, potholders, and more. Several free designs are available, but most are free embroidery patterns. This site is unique and awesome! Email, name, and phone number are required to get these free designs.

Oma’s place
Oma’s place

7.Oma’s Place

If you want to download embroidery designs then all you need to do is provide your email address, first name, and last name. The owner is from Germany and currently lives in the USA. She also has a good, seasonally updated section of free embroidery designs. As with most embroidery websites, these files are zipped, which means you will need to extract them. Each download comes with copyright information. 

8.Bunnycup Embroidery

You’ll love this website if you love embroidery designs or have a special interest in children’s embroidery designs. As soon as you log in, you’ll see cute designs that inspire you to work on new projects. Moreover, you can get a weekly freebie if you subscribe to their newsletter, and there are a lot of free design packs available. Additionally, they are constantly adding paid designs. It has so many cute appliques, fonts, and even redwork options that it is hard to resist.  Downloading designs from this site doesn’t require an account or any information about who you are as long as you take a go with anonymity.

Bunnycup embroidery
Bunnycup embroidery

9.Daily Embroidery

Every day, they send you a new free embroidery design; they remind you by email; if you want to expand your embroidery design library but don’t necessarily need a specific design at the moment, consider Daily Embroidery. You can download all the free embroidery designs if you join their paid club. The free design can only be downloaded by creating an account and providing personal information. Their sister website, embroiderysuperdeal.com, offers great paid deals.

Daily embroidery
Daily embroidery

10.Envato Elements

Among the digital assets available on Envato Elements are graphics, fonts, templates, and more. The designs are created by professional designers and can be downloaded for free with an Envato Elements subscription. They offer a large collection of embroidery designs that you can use for personal or commercial projects. Using Envato Elements, you can search for embroidery designs by using keywords or browsing through the different categories. If you sign up for an account and subscribe, you will have access to the embroidery designs.

Different embroidery types are included, such as cross-stitch, machine embroidery, and hand embroidery. You can download as many embroidery designs as you like without any additional cost when you use Envato Elements for embroidery designs. Besides being high-quality and easily editable, the designs are also easy to customize and edit to suit your specific requirements, allowing you to experiment with different designs and techniques without worrying about the cost.

Envato elements
Envato elements

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Other Resources for Free Embroidery Designs

Apart from the websites, there are a few other ways to get free embroidery designs:

Social Media

Social media can also be a great place to find free embroidery designs. Many embroidery artists and designers share their work on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. You can search for specific hashtags, to find a variety of designs. Some popular embroidery artists to follow on social media include: @tuskandcardinal, @sewandsaunders, @bugandbeanstitching, and much more. Keep yourself updated with their feeds to get giveaways and other freebies whenever they host an event to causal distribution occasionally.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Etsy and Craftsy are also great places to find free embroidery designs. Many sellers offer free designs as a way to attract new customers and promote their work. You can search for free designs on these platforms by using the search filters or looking for sellers who offer freebies. Some popular sellers offer free embroidery designs as well.

Embroidery Blogs

Embroidery blogs are another great resource for free embroidery designs. Many embroidery bloggers offer free patterns as a way to attract new readers and promote their work. Some popular embroidery blogs that offer free designs include DMC, Carina’s Craftblog, Sublime Stitching, Pumora by Anne Mende, Wild Olive by Mollie Johanson, and much more.

How to Use Free Embroidery Designs?

Once you’ve found some free embroidery designs that you love, it’s time to start using them in your own projects:

Downloading and Printing

Most free embroidery designs are available as digital downloads. Once you’ve found a design that you like, simply download the file to your computer. From there, you can print the design and transfer it onto your fabric.

Downloading and printing
Downloading and printing

Transferring Designs

There are several ways to transfer embroidery designs onto your fabric. One common method is to use a transfer pen or pencil to trace the design onto your fabric. You can also use a transfer paper or stabilizer to transfer the design. If you’re using a printable pattern, you can simply trace the design onto your fabric using a lightbox or a window.

Transferring designs
Transferring designs

Customizing Designs

One of the great things about free embroidery designs is that you can customize them to suit your needs. For example, you can change the colors of the design to match your fabric, or you can resize the design to fit your project. Some embroidery software programs also allow you to modify and customize designs.

Customizing designs
Customizing designs

3 Tips for Working with Free Embroidery Designs

Here are some tips for working with free embroidery designs:

  • Check the Size and Format
    Before you start stitching, make sure to check the size and format of the design. Some free designs may not be compatible with your embroidery machine or may be too large or small for your project.
  • Use High-Quality Materials
    To ensure that your embroidery looks its best, it’s important to use high-quality materials. This includes embroidery thread, fabric, stabilizer, and needles.
  • Test Stitching
    Before you start stitching your design onto your final project, it’s a good idea to do a test stitch on a scrap piece of fabric. This will help you to identify any potential problems or issues with the design.

4 Tips to Choose Embroidery Designs

While you’re looking for your free embroidery design there are certain criteria to count on which will help you to select the right design that will suit your project requirement and match your preference.

  • Ensure the purpose of your embroidery, is it for a dress, home, or for other decoration? It’ll help you to pick the right design set for your project.
  • Not all the designs of embroidery would be of your cut of tea to sew. So, pick accordingly that matches your sewing skill level.
  • Select the thread and needle according to your design and its properties. As you know each one has specific requirements.
  • Lastly, one of the most important things to consider when choosing an embroidery design is your personal style and taste. Whether you prefer, traditional, contemporary, aesthetic, retro, vintage, or any others.


Are free embroidery designs really free?

Yes, many embroidery websites, social media, online marketplaces, and embroidery blogs offer free designs for personal use.

Can I use free embroidery designs for commercial purposes?

It depends on the individual designer’s terms of use. Some designers may allow you to use their designs for commercial purposes, while others may not.

How do I transfer a free embroidery design onto my fabric?

There are several methods for transferring embroidery designs, including using a transfer pen or pencil, transfer paper, or a printable pattern.

Final Thoughts

Free embroidery designs are a great resource for embroidery enthusiasts of all skill levels. By taking advantage of the many free patterns available online, you can save money, experiment with new techniques, and support the embroidery community. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced stitcher, there are plenty of free designs out there to inspire your creativity. Just remember to check the license information before you download any designs not only from the sources here but also from anywhere online to avoid any hassle forward.

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