Half double crochet vs double crochet

Half Double Crochet Vs Double Crochet – In Details Explain

Crocheting is a kind of needlecraft that is used to make blankets, hats, sweaters, and so on. You can use it in a creative way. Many people take it as their hobby and someone has taken it as a profession. A hook is used there to make fabric from loops of yarn. The yarn must be thicker for crocheting. There is much confusion among people about crocheting. They cannot decide the best method for crocheting. Two methods are recommended so far for crocheting. They are half double crochet and double crochet.

Half double crochet and double crochet almost contain the same feature. But, somewhere they are totally different. Even, they both are used to create the same things as I said before. Half-double crochet is mainly the halfway point of single crochet and double crochet. Compare to double crochet there are some differences between their working process and also in the size of each stitch. So let’s see all there is between half double crochet vs double crochet!

Key Takeaways

  • Half-double crochet and double crochet are way different. Each of them carries individual characteristics.
  • Major comparison is in their working process and the stitch length which are the main differences between half double crochet and double crochet.
  • Both are beneficial in their own rights as they are different ways that you can use them depending on which style you prefer to do. 

What is Half-Double Crochet?

If I want to define Half-double crochet in easy words, then I will say that this is the halfway point between single crochet and double crochet. As a needle, a hook has used to crochet. As the fabric is thick, so needle is not enough to make anything without a hook. You need to insert the hook after the yarn over the stitch. It will make 3 loops there and finally, when you pull over the yarn through the stitch, you have to pull your yarn through that three loops. So, you need to create 3 loops first using the hook. To complete the stitch, you will pull the final yarn over all 3 loops on the hook.

What is Double Crochet?

Double crochet is a little longer in size than half-double crochet and single crochet. As we did in half-double crochet, the working method is different there. You need to yarn over and pull the hook from the back to the front of the stitch. You can see two loops here. Simply yarn over and then pull it through the stitch for the remaining two loops. Double crochet has been used more by people because of its simplicity and it is very easy to crochet at any time.

Major Differences Between Half-Double Crochet and Double Crochet

There are various differences between these two. Though they sound similar, I am going to show you some real differences between them.


We all know that crocheting is a needlecraft. All crafting has its own way to represent them to the people. People also got interested every day in all those craftings. Some of them just passing their leisure time and some do it as a profession. End of the day this is the ultimate way to show your creativity to the world. Anyway, I am now evaluating the working process of half-double crochet. First, take a hook. Then insert the hook through the stitch. Yarn over and pull up a loop there. You can see three loops have been created. Yarn over again and finally pull the yarn over through all three loops on the hook. This is how you can easily crochet anything you want.

On the other hand, double crochet is a little different based on the working process. You will use a hook as well. There is no use of a needle. The hook is considered a needle here. Yarn over and pull up the hook into the stitch. Again yarn over and pull up a loop. Pull through two loops in the hook. Now if you yarn over again, you got to see that there are two more loops remaining. So, just pull it through the hook.

Crochet Length

You already know that half-double crochet is the halfway point of single crochet and Double crochet. When you have finished your work with half-double crochet, you can see the crochet length difference. As double crochet used a thicker yarn, so double crochet is bigger in size than half-double crochet.

The reason behind the differences between their size is, the loop while crocheting. Do you remember that, Double crochet has 4 loops and half double had 3 loops at all? You need to pull through the loop on the hook and in the last stage you will pull through the remaining two loops into the hook. This is the reason behind the differences in the crochet length between half-double crochet and double crochet.


Double crochet and half-double crochet have been used in many different ways. Double crochet is taller than single crochet and half-double crochet. The stitch is also a bit long in size. As you know, blankets are made of crochet. Blankets are also big in size as a double crochet. So, double crochet is mainly used to make any kind of blanket. Besides, sweaters, shawls, and hats are also can be made from double crochet. But, when you are thinking of making a blanket you can easily keep trust on double crochet. You can get some advantages that are not available for half-double crochet. Suppose, you want to enlarge your blanket more than usual. In this situation, you cannot use half-double crochet definitely. Because half-double crochet is not as big as a blanket that you are making. You can do any design or art into your project using double and half-double crochet. It not only helps you to make a new project but also crochet will provide the advantage to take your crafting to the next level. It’s satisfying as well while crocheting.

Half-double crochet is also used in blankets, shawls, and sweaters. You can make any project including shawls, sweaters, and hats. So, the usage of crochet has no limitations. You can easily do it anywhere and anytime you want.


Obviously crocheting takes time. It looks a little complicated. But if you have started learning it, you will definitely love that craft. You need to earn the skill to give your project such an exclusive look. Some skills are must necessary for crocheting. Without those skills, you cannot be an expert and you cannot provide the perfect shape of your project. Without making late, let’s know those skills. Such as:

  • Minimal Shaping
  • Repetitive stitch pattern
  • Simple color changing
  • Understanding basic lace and color pattern
  • Mid-level shaping and finishing.

So, all those skills are needed when you are doing crocheting. Minimal shaping is a basic concept of crocheting. This is the first thing you have to learn. If you cannot shape your project in a perfect way, then your time and afford are going to be valueless. Stitch patterns are also an important part of crocheting. If you cannot read the stitch pattern you will not be able to crochet. Color changing or understanding the color pattern also carries a major value in crocheting. Double crochet mainly depends on the stitch and color pattern. Finally, you have to know how to finish your project in a smart way. You have to finish your project perfectly. Otherwise, you will notice some errors and incompleteness in your project.


Half-double crochet doesn’t need more time than double crochet. Half-double crochet stitch is not that long like a double stitch. That’s why, you can crochet faster when you are doing half-double crochet.

On the other hand, if you are making a blanket using double crochet, it will take a minimum of 20 hours to complete your project. Actually, it depends on your demand and which kind of design or art you want in your blanket. Casual crocheters typically take one or two months to finish a project. But the duration depends on how complicated the pattern is and how thick the yarn is. On average, a blanket could take one week to one year to make. It depends on your efficiency actually.


When you will see some crocheting project it looks so intricate. Trust me, It’s way simple to do it. There are not many stitches or loops as you see in embroidery. Even the yarn is thicker as well which helps you to make stitches so easily. You just need to understand the mechanism of using the hook, yarn, and loops. Though the mechanism is not the same for half-double and double crochet. But, it is very easy to understand. You need to follow some simple steps and that’s it.


I think someone who was never involved with sewing or crafting, is also heard about crocheting. So It has already reached worldwide. People are now not buying blankets or shawls from shops or outside. They prefer to make it by hand now. Double crochet is much more popular than half-double crochet. Because double crochet provides you to make a long stitch and long blanket or shawl as well.


Yarn is one of the important things in crocheting. Crochet needs more yarn than knitting. The fact is double crochet spends less yarn than half-double crochet. The reason for using more yarn on half-double crochet is, half-double stitches are not so long in size. But, when you are making something long like a blanket then you need a long stitch obviously. You already know that half double crochet has no long stitch like double crochet stitch. So, to make the stitch longer half-double crochet needs more yarn than double crochet.

So, Half-double crochet takes more yarn than double crochet.

Quick Review on the Differences Between Half-Double Crochet and Double Crochet

You came to know that, half-double and double crochet has some difference between them. Both are not the same. Though they both are the form of crocheting. But, the working process, stitch length, and a lot of differences are noticeable there.

DefinitionDouble crochet requires yarn over which is holding yarn back to the front of the stitch.It is basically a halfway point between single crochet and double crochet.
Working methodRequire yarn over and place the hook into the stitch. 4 loops will be created there,Normally, yarn over and insert the hook into the stitch.3 loops have been created at a time.
Stitch LengthThe stitch is a bit longer than half-double crochetShort in length.
DurationUsually takes 20 hours minimum to work on. Faster than Double crochet. The stitch is short in length. That’s why takes less time.
UsageMostly used to make blankets.It could be used in any crochet. Like: blankets, hats, shawls, sweaters, and so on.
YarnRequires less yarn than half-double crochetMore yarn is needed because of its short stitch.
SkillHave the idea of minimal shaping and finishing. Besides, simple color changes and finishing are important too.Including double crochet skills, you need to acquire the knowledge of yarn over and using the hook in the right way.


Is half double crochet bigger than double crochet?

Half double crochet is short in length. Double crochet has long stitches than half-double or single crochet.

Which crochet stitch uses the most yarn?

Half-double stitch uses more yarn. Because they have no long stitch like double crochet. That’s why, half-double crochet uses more yarn to keep balance while crocheting.

Is half double crochet or double crochet better?

Each crochet has its own feature and credibility. Double crochet gives you the loosest, long, and well-fitted fabric. On the other hand, double crochet gives you a fabric with characteristics between double crochet and single crochet.

Final Thoughts

I hope all of you are now clear that what is the suitable crochet for your project. I have discussed all of the features and the difference between them. It depends on you what would you choose finally. Keep working and keep patience. Because crafting is all about your creativity and your potential.  Half-double crochet helps you to make small projects like making hats, sweaters, and others. But you can do everything possible with crochet by double crochet. Double crochet is tall in stitch. So that any project can be done by it. So, I think now you shouldn’t have any misconceptions about these two crochets. Get ready with the hook and yarn. Follow the process and make it even easier as much as you can.


Hey I’m Sherry Howes an expert in sewing, knitting, crocheting, and embroidery. With a passion for fiber arts and a talent for crafting, I Have spent years improving my skills and sharing knowledge with others. Whether teaching a class or creating a new project, I’m always excited to share my love of crafting with the world. I like researching new techniques and trends in the crafting arts community.

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