Different ways of adding belt loops

How To Add Belt Loops To Pants Without Sewing?

Belt loops are a security system for your pants, you can add them in different places on your pant. Belt loops will help you to keep your pants in place and you can also carry keys or other small items in your belt loops. Sometimes you will see there are so many belt loops in your pants, which are unnecessary. Before you add them, make sure they are securely fastened, so that, they are not coming off. 

Make sure, you are selecting the right belt loops for your pants because the choice of wrong belt loops can destroy your pants and there is also a chance of falling down your pants. So, it is a crucial part of choosing the right fit for your pant, before you add them, use pins or safety pins o check their fit by wearing your pants- if they are not snug enough, they could become loose over time which will add unnecessary risks to your security system. There are some other considerations to make and in this article, we’ll explore them.

Key Takeaways

  • The discussion on the importance of adding belt loops to your pants
  • There are different places in your pants where belt loops can be added
  • We have gone through different names and quick tips for adding belt loops to your pant

Adding Belt Loops to Pants

Different names of belt loops on pants
Different names of belt loops on pants

There are many ways to add belt loops and they can be added to different places on your pants. While you are at work or traveling in pants, you have fastened your belt loops securely and they are not going to come undone. Sometimes it’s okay to have one or two places where you want your belt loops which will help you to keep your pant secure.

When you are adding belt loops, it will add a little extra security to your pants which will depend on the type of loop you choose. You will get many different types of belt loops in the market, you have to find the right one for you.

Belt loops have both fixed and adjustable sizes, so when you are choosing your fit, find what’s comfortable and secure for you. Wearing belts depends on a person’s preference. Some will prefer to wear belts because they feel more secure, while others prefer not to wear belts since it increases waist size. Be mindful when you place your belt loop- don’t place it in an area where it is easily accessible, because this could increase your risk of being a victim of theft and robbery. 

Different ways of adding belt loops

Different ways of adding belt loops
Different ways of adding belt loops

There are numerous methods available for adding belt loops to pants, and it’s essential to discover the one that suits you best. You can utilize tape, string, or buttons as attachment options for the loops. It’s important to ensure sufficient belt space before attaching the loops to ensure a proper fit. Belt loops can also serve as a fashion statement and help achieve a more tailored look with your clothing. To begin adding belt loops to your garments, consider starting with jeans or skirts as they provide a good foundation for learning and experimenting with the process.

Adding Belt Loops to Different Places on Your Pants

Belt loops can be added to different places on your pants which will ensure better functionality of your pants. Belts can be made from many different materials, so find the right one for you and your wardrobe. Make sure you measure the length of your belt loops before placing it onto your pant. You can add your belt loop at the waistband or even above the knee to get a unique look. You can also try adding some other accessories to your pants other than belt loops.

You can add belt loops to your pants by following these easy steps: you may think adding too many belt loops will give you a more stylish look, but if it is not necessary, you don’t have to add as many belt loops as you think. You can experiment with different numbers to get the look you are happy with. Make sure you measure your waist before beginning – belts should fit comfortably around your torso without being too tight on the hips or thighs.

When you are doing alterations, you can try adding belt loops when you are at a store to get fitted pants or when you are tailoring your clothing.

Fastened your belt loops securely

Make sure your belt loops are securely fastened to your pants so they are not loose while you are wearing them. You can use a variety of methods, such as buttons or snaps, to ensure the belt loop is secure. Do not over-fasten the belt loops, this will cause them to break off or become undone when you will be wearing them. If you have to tighten or loosen the belt loops, do it gently, so that you don’t damage or stretch the fabric of your pant.

If Your Pants Have No Belt Loops

When your pants don’t have belt loops, you can try doing this to solve the problem. You can try to sew or use glue on them. You can also buy a pair of pants with belt loops and attach them yourself.

Below we have discussed a few tips that you can do if you are looking for a quick fix when your pants have no belt loops.

  • You can try to tighten the waistband of your pants without using belts. This is a quick and easy way to get the results. 
  • Moreover, make sure all the seams on your pants are sealed. If they are not sealed, take some time to seal them up before you try them again. 
  • Finally, if you think, you are not happy with your waist size after following these tips, you can consider going to a tailor who will alter it for you.

3 Different Names of Belt Loops on Pants

3 Different names of belt loops on pants
3 Different names of belt loops on pants
  1. Waistband: The waistband sits around your torso below your belly button.
  2. Belt Loops: The belt loops are two metal circles on the front of your pants near your hips.
  3. Top Closure Button: It is a small, circular button at the back of your pants near the waistline which you can use to fasten them together when you are not wearing them

Having Belt Loops on Cowboy Pants

Some cowboy pants have belt loops, some cowboy pants don’t have belt loops. Modern pants usually don’t have belt loops. Belt loops provide a secure place where you can attach a belt, and this will also help to keep your trousers from falling.

Cowboys Wear Suspenders Or Belt Loops

The cowboys of the old West wore suspenders or belt loops. They were knee–high, although not high-waisted. They had cinch and suspender buttons.

They Are Knee-High, Not High-Waisted

Cowboy pants are usually knee-high, so, they are not very high on the waist. This is done this way to make sure cowboys can wear their boots quickly when a fight starts.

The Cinch And Suspender Buttons Are Still There

Modern cowboy pants don’t have cinch and suspender buttons, they were designed in the 1800s. nowadays, the cinch button is used as a decoration for Western shirts to serve a practical purpose: it helped hold up the pant legs while riding horses.

Double belt loops

You know you need a double belt loop when your belt is wider than the waistband of your pant. A double belt loop will hold it in place. If you have thinner belts, use a smaller loop and the outer loop has more durability. You can use them on thin and wide belts, if your belts have metal buckles, you can use them, too. This will keep your jeans from slipping off your waist.

Ratchet belt buckle

A ratchet belt buckle has many different types of designs. This will help to maintain position, while you will be using a latch and teeth to hold your belt securely in place. Ratchet belt buckles have different variety of colors and designs, which makes them easy to find at different retailers. They are affordable, so you can consider buying them when you are on a budget.

Distance Between Belt Loops for Adding

You should allow ½’’ distance between belt loops for seam allowances. The width for the belt should be 3 ½’’ which will vary by the construction of the garment.

When you are determining the distance of your belt loops, allow an extra inch or so.  Make sure to measure from one edge of the buckle loop to the other before you make any decisions. To have a perfect fit you can follow these guidelines.

The width of belt loops on jeans

It’s important to find the right width for your belt loops, often this size varies. To have the correct size, measure your waist at its narrowest point and choose a belt loop size that will fall within the range. You can wear jeans anytime on any occasion. If you have a 40 mm waist, our belts will fit in most jeans with room to spare.

Numbers for belt loops on jeans

A pair of jeans have three belt loops. Jeans may have five belt loops on the waistband. Wrangler jeans have seven belt loops for extra comfort.

When you have a belt loop that is tucked, then it will be a small, hidden belt loop that is sewn into the waistband of your jeans to give an extra level of stability.  If you have belt loops that are tucked and have a double layer, it will strengthen the construction of your jeans with additional layers of fabric between the waistband and the actual belts.

If you have too many heavy and thick belts, it will weaken your pants over time. So, choose a sturdy pair that will not tear or wear down. Belt size varies and this sizing depends on different brands. Before you make a purchase, you should check the specifications.

Making a belt hole

There are different ways to fix your belt holes when it is needed. You can use a drill and bit to make a perfect hole. Another option is using a saw and jigsaw, which will make a more clean appearance.  If you are making a DIY belt hole, you have to find a nail of the same size. Once you have your nails ready, you can hammer them through the leather with a few hits. Make sure that there are no marks on the skin of the leather. Use a knife to make holes at one end of each nail so that they can be easily inserted into the belt’s holes. Make your holes in a line. Finally, hit both nails with a hammer so that they are firmly embedded into the belt.


Can I wear a belt with pants that don’t have belt loops?

If you don’t have belt loops, try to tighten your belt, when you have this tight belt cinched around your waist, you can try sitting down with it, the belt will stay where it is and the back of the pants will pull down.

How do you make an extra belt loop?

You need a hair tie, push under your belt, you need to hold both ends of the hair tie, then with the bottom of the hair tie hold the belt, and repeat this process with the other end.

What are belt loops on pants called?

Belt loops on pants are called belt carriers, a cloth belt loop is usually made from the same fabric as the garment it’s placed on. Carriers are placed around the waistline at the side of the seam, 2’’-3’’ on either side of the center front and back, and in spaces between.

Final Thoughts

As we have discussed in this article, there are several methods of adding belt loops to your pants without sewing, all you need for this is to set up your mind where you want your belt loops. Belt loops are designed to hold your pants in place, so you get a perfect fit. We have also discussed different belt buckles that you might consider using with your pants. When you follow these above methods, you will not have to worry about other ways to tighten your pants, because these will bring your confidence back.


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